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From Normal School to Teachers College

Over the main entrance to the Administration Building, which was called Academic Hall, there is a carving that reads "And The Truth Shall Make You Free."  The saying was chosen by the first president of the Board of Regents, Charles Colden.The Administration Building, known at the time as Academic Hall, was designed by the architectural firm of J.H. Felt & Co. Construction of the Administration Building, which began in 1906, had to be stopped in 1907 because the Missouri Legislature had yet to pass an appropriations bill to pay for it.The Administration Building, known as Academic Hall, was the center of learning from the time it was constructed.  On October 3, 1910, classes actually began in the building and a limited number are stilled held there today on the third floor. (Donated by David Duvall.)A parking lot was officially created in front of the Administration Building.  The parking lot was needed due to the increasing popularity of automobiles.

The first three Northwest presidents did not stay long on the job. The first president, Frank Deerwester, was replaced by Homer Martien Cook. Cook, who was president for only two years, was replaced by Henry Taylor. Taylor's presidency was also short, because he became ill and had to resign.

Ira Richardson took over from Taylor. Among Richardson's many accomplishments was a $200,000 appropriation from the State of Missouri to build a women's residence hall. Richardson's presidency (1913 to 1921) was highly successful and his leadership turned the Normal School into a State Teacher's College.