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Welcome to the Northwest Archives!

Established in 1905, Northwest Missouri State University has a long, rich, compelling past and a vital, diverse, interesting present. The Northwest Museums website is designed to showcase that history, which includes ties to the world's first successful electronic computer and the Electronic Campus Program (EC). The EC Program turned the university into the first public electronic campus in the nation.

The online Northwest History museum features photographs, interactive maps, video and information about Northwest's evolution from a Normal School to a State University, offering visitors a rare window into campus life and the contributions of Northwest faculty, staff and students.

The online Computing History museum features photographs, video and information about Northwest's technological development through the decades and highlights the life and contributions of Jean Jennings Bartik. Jean graduated from Northwest in 1945 and went on to make computing history by programming the ENIAC, the world's first successful electronic computer. Later, Jean would make history again by turning the ENIAC into the world's first stored program computer, as well as, programming the UNIVAC I, the world's first successful commercial computer.

The Northwest Museums website also offers information about the eight physical museums on campus.

Visitors are welcome to explore the online museums or to stop by and personally tour a campus museum. Contact information for each campus museum can be found on their Web page.

Financial contributions can be made to each museum through the Northwest Foundation at 660.562.1248. All contributions are tax deductible.