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Edit Your Site - Using Cascade

This section covers how to use Cascade CMS to edit content on the Northwest website. You will find how-to guides and additional resources to assist with edits. 

cascade cmsNorthwest Missouri State University uses Cascade CMS, a content management system, to maintain all pages hosted on the Northwest server. Cascade CMS allows individual staff members to maintain their websites without any additional software being purchased. This service is available from any computer or device with internet access – even off campus.

Your Northwest login credentials serve as your Cascade login after you have been granted access.

  • TIP: your Cascade username is just your Northwest "username" (your email without '').
  • Your password is your Northwest email password and will change with your updates to it.


Contact the Web Team ( if you have general questions in regards to using Cascade Server or need help adding to or updating your pages.

Start here - Web 101 Cascade Basics

Start here - Web 101 Cascade Basics

Before you begin working on your site, it's important to understand the basic foundations of the Cascade CMS service. Cascade Basics is the starting point for all new CMS users, and yes even seasoned pros could benefit from a refresher from time to time.

Web 101 Cascade Basics

How-To Guides

How-To Guides

After reviewing the basics, dive into our more in depth guides for various tasks, editing in Cascade and using Northwest's templates.

Browse these resources to gain a better understanding of editing sites and using Cascade to complete specific tasks. 

We also recommend viewing the Cascade CMS Knowledge base to view to find more help directly from Cascade.

Note: The guides presented are intended to cover topics for all users. Some users (particularly contributors) won't have access to certain actions. If you don't have access to a certain action and think it would be beneficial, email the webteam ( 

The Basics

If you haven't already, start with Web 101 Cascade Basics to learn basics, review common terms and familiarize yourself with parts of editing sites. We also recommend reviewing Cascade Basics on the Cascade Knowledge Base.

Common Tasks

Editing a webpage

For site managers (custodians)


SEO and Metadata