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How to Submit Page Content

After when edits are made it is a good habit to preview before submitting. The main purpose is some styles and formatting are applied to data definitions that you can't see or some styles may not apply quite the same in a WYSIWYG editor as it will in the preview. It is a good idea to always review edits in a preview before submitting changes. 

Preview Edits

To preview your edits, there are two methods:

  1. Edit Before Previewing (Default Editing Experience)
    1. Click the edit button to edit a page
    2. After completing your edits, select "Preview Draft." Proceed with the steps outlined below.  
  2. Edit While Previewing (Select "Show Edit Preview" in the page editor to show a side-by-side preview that updates in real time.)

Submit Content/Changes

After edits are made, you will submit. 

  1. When your edits are ready to view, click Preview Draft at the upper right.
  2. A draft will display; review page for accuracy and proceed with one of the following:
    1. If no further edits are needed, click Submit; add comments (optional, useful if you need to wait to publish or if you have issues with the formatting/etc.) then click Check Content & Submit to perform a spell check and broken link check before the final submission.
    2. If additional edits are needed, click Edit in the Action Toolbar and proceed with edits
    3. To discard your edits and revert the page back prior to your edits, click Discard in the Action Toolbar. Note: you will lose your work. 

After submitting, content will need to be published.

If you are a contributor (editor), your work stops here. The custodian (manager) or the web team will receive a notification and review your edited content as soon as possible (please note, this could take up to 24 hours), and publish the changes. 

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