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When you edit an asset, Cascade CMS automatically saves a Draft of your changes. Drafts allow you to preview your changes as you make them without having to manually save a new version of the asset each time. This is especially useful for assets which require workflow, because you can edit and preview the asset as many times as needed before submitting it into workflow. You can preview those changes before submitting them by clicking Show Edit Preview (for page assets) or Preview Draft.

You can see all of your existing Drafts in the My Content menu or dashboard widget under Drafts.Screenshot: My Content

Note - Drafts can't be shared with other users and aren't visible to others viewing the same page. To create a shareable Working Copy which also prevents users from editing the same asset you're working on, you need to Check-out/Lock the asset instead (see Cascade CMS help article below).

For more information of viewing and managing your drafts, view Drafts and working copies on the Cascade CMS Knowledge base.