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How to Move, Rename, Copy or Delete an Item

Site organization methods and tips for moving assets, changing system names, creating copies and deleting assets. 

Move, rename, copy or delete an item one of two ways:

How to perform each task:

Did you delete something by mistake? View how to retrieve content from the trash.

IMPORTANT: When moving, renaming or deleting, the file/image/page/etc. will be unpublished from the live website in its current location. It is important to make sure no other assets are using or referring to it (relationships) in order to avoid broken links or other web issues. If moving/renaming an item be sure to also publish any relationships the moved item has too! 

Note: For user with a contributor (editor) role submitting content into a workflow, don't worry about correcting relationships. Your delete or move request will prompt the webteam or custodian to handle that aspect! 

Cascade will notify you if you delete something with relationships but also keep in mind any print or third party relationships that may not be managed by Cascade when deleting or moving items. 

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