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How to Upload a PDF

PDFs are common in web, here are some recommendations on when to use one and some best practices when using them.

  • Conceder if it should be a PDF or a webpage. If the PDF is simple enough that it could just be copied onto the page, this will streamline the user experience. On the other hand, if the file is so large that it is difficult to navigate, but the information is essential, it may be worth considering developing a website for that content. 
  • Consider the file size. Some users may be viewing from mobile and a extra large file may be problematic. 
  • Consider future maintenance. File names, in most cases, should be kept simple. Avoid including dates as it can create confusion if you need to replace it in the future.
  • If you are uploading a PDF form, is it fillable?

Refer to our PDF tools section for tips and help to resize or to create fillable PDFs. 

Tip: add the text '(PDF)' or the PDF logo (pdf logo) after a link to a PDF for improved user experience. The webteam has a format to quickly add this feature, if you note that you would like us to add this in the submission comments or mention us in a comment on the asset and we can add the PDF icon. 

First, upload the PDF:

Screenshot: Add Content

To upload with asset factories: (if asset factory shortcuts have been created, some settings like folder placement will be pre-populated for your ease of use)


Without asset factories created

Then, the file(s) will also need published - this will be handled by the workflow started when you submit. If you are a custodian (manager) be sure to publish your files to use them.

After adding the file, edit the page you would like the PDF to be used and submit it for publishing as well.