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Often times, assets or content you're working on will affect other pages in your site, and you may like to publish that related content along with it. For instance, if you edit a navigation block, you may want to publish all pages that use that block. Or when moving or deleting a file/image/page/etc.

It is important to review other assets using or referring to the one being modified in order to

You can view relationships by navigating to the item and select 'More' in the 'Action Toolbar' the select 'Relationships'

If moving an item be sure to also publish any relationships so that Cascade can update to the new link location! When deleting, be sure to also remove references to the item being deleted. Cascade will notify you if you delete something with relationships but also keep in mind any print or third party relationships that may not be managed by Cascade when deleting or moving items. 

Email the web team ( if you don't have access to edit/publish a file with a relationship. 

Also check out the publishing related content article on Cascade CMS Knowledge Base.