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Editing basic templates & WYSIWYG

basic webpage templateThis template is most commonly used for simple/interior pages. It is built for basic content pages and simple structure. It uses a WYSIWYG editor to modify the body copy. You can stylize the information as needed with this as needed using headings, body copy, tables and more.

*Tip: Use the previews along the way to test your edits, there are two methods:

  1. Edit Before Previewing (Default Editing Experience - after making edits to a page, select "Preview Draft." Click edit to reenter the editor screen, or submit if satisfied with the changes.)  
  2. Edit While Previewing (Select "Show Edit Preview" in the page editor to show a side-by-side preview that updates in real time.)

The data definitions presented in this template allow for some simple options to customize the presentation of the page without making it difficult manage, including: 

  • add an lead section (blue highlighted box), useful for important updates or priority information
  • add grid boxes, useful for linking to higher priority related content. 

*Tip: The templates are responsive (i.e., mobile-friendly) so the presentation of a website will change depending on factors such as display size and device type. Varying lengths of text or image proportions may not work well in certain scenarios. 

Be sure to manually resize your browser to see how your a webpage looks on different display sizes.


It is important to note that some styles and formatting may not apply the same in a WYSIWYG editor as it will in the preview. It is a good idea to always review edits in the preview before submitting changes. 

Some additional tips and information about managing content in a WYSIWYG editor, you can:

  • Add images - for more check out the images guide.
  • Create links - for more check out the links guide.
  • Embed media with the Insert/edit media button.
  • Apply formatting, create lists, and build tables - see the respective sections of our web styles guide.

After you have finished editing you will submit. 

submitting content Guide