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How to Create Forms

There are a few options for creating forms on the Northwest website.

  1. If you want to accept online payments or registrations for an event, contact the Office of Student Account Services ( to setup a Marketplace form.
  2. For all other forms, contact the WebTeam ( to get started. We offer the following options:
    • Google Form - Form data can be saved to a Google Spreadsheet and accessed by members of your team.
    • TMAIL Form - Each response can be sent as an individual email to one Northwest email address.
  3. And last, for simple forms, you can create your own FormMail Form with the following code:

The following code can be used to create online forms that submit to email addresses.

After you have copied the code above, you will need to replace the email address with your own and update the email subject. The subject may NOT include apostrophes (') or quotes ("). Spaces and underscores (_) are allowed.