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Advanced Improvements

This section is intended to help provide insight on improving a website, SEO, gathering analytics data, and helping understand the tools the Web Team has available for improvements on the web. 

Gain access to Google Analytics or Siteimprove

Faculty and staff with Northwest credentials can be granted access to Google Analytics or SiteImprove.  Contact the Webteam at to request access and training as needed.


Our office collects web data from the public website with Google Analytics (GA 4 property) as well as through Siteimprove.

Analytics reports available

Our office can schedule reports, like this analytics overview sample report pdf logo, that can be sent on a regular basis to an email address. Request this report from, just let us know what area of the website you would like data. 

Additionally, access can be granted to live views to browse and analyze in greater depth with Google Analytics or Siteimprove Analytics Dashboards. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform that collects data from your websites and apps to create reports that provide insights into your business. Viewer access can be established to those wishing to navigate more in depth data. 


For those with Siteimprove you can view your site's analytics by navigating to the left tool menu to find the analytics tab. From here you will be able to click the tabs that says "analytics overview" and view statistics for your site.

Basic reporting is available through Siteimprove and more in depth analysis can take place with Siteimprove's tools. Learn more about this section including guides and explanations, with Siteimprove's Analytics guides and FAQ's page.