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Metadata and SEO Guides

Metadata is used, primarily for search engine optimization (SEO). Here are some tips for implementing strong metadata to your pages and assets. 

Page Titles

Screenshot: Page Title

Page titles show in the search results and on the browser tab. To set the page title go to the “edit” window and in the “content” section type the page title in the “title” box. The page title is required for every page.

Tips for page titles: Strong page titles typically follows these 6 rules, which may take additional research to get right for every page.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions can be used in search engine result snippets, so writing a good meta description can be helpful for users and drive more clicks to a website.

To add a meta description to a site, while in the “edit” window, go to the “metadata” tab and then you can fill in a description in the box.

Tips for meta descriptions: A strong meta description typically follows these four rules:

Additional research may be necessary to get it right for every page.


Screenshot: Keywords

Keywords are used in the metadata for pages and they can be used to improve SEO. They should cover the ideas and topics that define what your content is about and help users find your page when searching.

To add keywords to a site, while in the “edit” window, go to the “metadata” tab and then you can fill in keywords in the box.

For additional SEO information and tools to assist with updates refer to our Advanced improvements section.