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Academic Support Services

You can help your student on this academic journey by

  • Encourage meeting with his or her advisor
  • Reminder to check Northwest email daily
  • Ask what kind of campus resources are available

First-Year Experience

Northwest’s First-Year Experience is a holistic approach in transitioning to college life. Students have a common experience starting with the Summer Orientation Advisement and Registration (SOAR) program, Advantage, University Seminar, first-year advising and more. These programs work collaboratively to build a foundation for a successful academic career. Students also customize their college experience by working with advisors, faculty and mentors to access services to be successful and discover their own journey.

University Seminar

University Seminar is a required one credit-hour course that is designed to help students transition to college and achieve success. Students may select a University Seminar theme that aligns with his/her interests.

Academic Advising

Northwest provides all undergraduate students with personalized advising that ensures their individual major and career goals are aligned and supported. Students who are exploring majors will be supported by a deciding/university meta-major advisor that uses a student’s interests, strengths, and skills to assist in the exploration and connection to potential majors

Hallmarks of a good first semester schedule include:

  • Courses that match your student's strengths and interests
  • Courses recommended by placement exam scores and major
  • Total number of semester hours (most schedules range in size from 13-17 hours per semester)

Academic Success Coaching and Recovery

While select students may be required to work with a success coach as part of his or her academic recovery plan, success coaching is available optionally to all students.

Academic Support

  • Tutoring is offered individually and in small groups through appointments and designated walk-in hours.
  • Supplemental Instruction uses peer-led study groups for traditionally challenging courses.
  • The Writing Center is an extension of the Department of Language, Literature and Writing Department that helps students become better writers.
  • Additional academic support opportunities include Math Lab, Chemistry Study Room and more.
  • The B.D. Owens Library provides private study rooms, equipment for classroom projects, research and citation assistance.