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Grades & Academic Standing

Advisory Grades

Five Week Advisory Grades

Instructors assign letter grades in courses numbered 299 and below during the fourth week of the fall and spring semesters. These grades are not permanently recorded, but are viewable to students and advisors. Students are encouraged to follow up with the instructor and advisor.

Mid-term Advisory Grade

Instructors assign letter grades for students with a "D" or "F" status at the midpoint of each fall and spring semester. These grades are not permanently recorded. Students are encouraged to follow up with the instructor and their advisor. In some cases, students may elect to drop the course from their schedule by the published deadline.

Grade Point Average

Calculating and understanding grades can be confusing. A grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the grade points by the number of semester hours of academic work attempted. To compute a GPA you must know:

Grades assigned as NC, W, I, IP, or P are not computed in the grade point average.

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Academic probation, academic suspension and dismissal

Academic probation is an enrollment status based upon the grades you have earned. You are eligible to continue your enrollment at Northwest, but there are conditions associated with your continued enrollment. Northwest’s Academic Recovery Plan is designed to help you make informed decisions, access resources and learn new success strategies so you can achieve your academic goals.

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Withdrawal Procedure

When a student chooses to withdraw from Northwest, they need to start by meeting with their advisor. Next, they will have to complete an exit report in the Student Success Center. It is extremely important that a withdrawal be completed to ensure appropriate information is entered on their transcript, refunds are processed, if applicable, and that all University records are corrected to reflect the status of the student.

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