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Academic Advisement and Success Coaching


Northwest provides all undergraduate students with personalized advising that ensures their individual major and career goals are aligned and supported.

Professional advisors, who specialize in specific academic areas, provide holistic support to first year students. In addition to guidance on course selection and registration, advisors connect students to campus resources and introduce students to profession-based experiences to support their major.

Most second year students transition to a faculty advisor. While professional advisors are still available in the departments when needed, faculty pick up the academic support of students and provide valuable career advice as student matriculate through their degree programs.

Students are required to meet with their advisor at least once each semester, but advisors reach out regularly to touch-base and encourage students to come in more frequently. Students can easily schedule appointments with their advisors and other in their success network through a retention tool: Northwest Success 360.

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Academic Success Coaching Program

While select students may be required to work with a success coach as part of his or her academic recovery plan, success coaching is available optionally to all students.

Through weekly meetings, students are supported by a team consisting of a professional advisor, a graduate teaching assistant, and a peer mentor.  This support ranges from weekly prioritizing of assignments and tests to self-evaluation and reflection on time management, study skills, and personal goals. Course content is structured to support each student’s individual needs.  Student’s development skills that serve them the remainder of their academic career. 

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