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About Our Tutoring Services

Tutoring is a free service offered to all students which supports a large number of general education courses as well as some upper-level courses. Our tutoring service is designed so that peer tutors meet you where you're at and address your concerns and needs, whether that be working on a specific issue or concern, preparing to study for an upcoming exam, or just needing help with being organized or developing effective study habits. When you meet with a tutor, you're setting the agenda and defining the course of the appointment while the tutor helps guide you to the end goal.

Who are our tutors?

All of our tutors are undergraduate students just like you. Each tutor either specializes in courses in their major or covers a variety of general education courses; every tutor picks the courses they tutor for, so when you come get tutoring, you can be confident that you'll meet with someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about the class you want support for. However, our tutors must also possess specific qualifications to tutor any given course which includes:

  • Passing the given course with at least a B for general education courses or an A for upper-level courses
  • Taking the course through Northwest or providing an endorsement/recommendation for tutoring a course if they didn't take it at Northwest
  • Demonstrating the ability to effectively communicate about specific course content in various ways in order to facilitate different learning styles

Additionally, all of our tutors receive on-going training and professional development through our training program which is accredited and certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Certifying our training through CRLA ensures that we maintain best practices and procedures when it comes to tutoring.

Tutoring session

Tutoring sessions are available Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 8:00pm and on Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Appointments are:

  • Available in 50-minute increments
  • Available as face-to-face, online (more information below), or small group (with prior approval) options
  • By appointment only; we do not offer walk-in appointments
  • Based on your needs or concerns, so come prepared with something to address

When you have an appointment, be sure to bring your laptop, notes, and text book if needed.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with one of our tutors, feel free to:

Online Tutoring

In addition to face-to-face tutoring, we also offer an online option for those students who are distance learners, unable to make it to campus for a face-to-face appointment, or simply would prefer an online option. All of our online appointments are held through Zoom, so you'll just need access to a laptop and Zoom account. For an online appointment, we recommend:

  • Ensuring your microphone and webcam are functioning properly
  • Using headphones, especially if you're in a crowded area during the online appointment
  • Ensuring that you have a reliable internet connection

To access your online appointment, simply login to TutorTrac and the link to the Zoom meeting should appear on the front page of TutorTrac 15 minutes prior to the start of your session. 

Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is a third party organization that provides students with access to expert online tutors across a wide range of subjects. Smarthinking is free for Northwest students and can be accessed through a tutoring link on your Northwest Online course site. 

Meet the Tutors


Tutors are individuals who offer peer-collaborative support for courses that they have excelled in. These individuals help students articulate their academic needs and goals, formulate strategies for succeeding with course material, and develop critical thinking skills.

Gretchen BraakAyla Campbell

Business Education

Ayla CampbellLogan Carter

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation


Logan CarterSpencer Cupp

Applied Health: Sports Medicine

Spencer CuppSuzzy Ellis

Agricultural Science

Dustin FaganDustin Fagan

Biology: Biomedical Sciences

Dalton ForbesLeire Galarza



Computer Science

Leire GalarzaVictoria Gustafson


Dalton ForbesLuis Hidalgo

Biology: Biomedical Sciences

Victoria GustafasonKate Karman


Shelby HeesClarice Kent

Chemistry: Biochemistry

Angela KinzelRyleigh Lindsey

Mathematics Education

Ryleigh LindseyRuby Medwid

Social Studies: History

Holly ModlinHolly Modlin

Mathematics & Economics

Shelby NormanZane Papek

Mathematics: Data Science

Emily NeillJojo Payne

Biology: Biomedical Sciences


General Business

Abby RockAbby Rock


Abby RockKatie Roseman

Marine Biology & Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Caroline SandersCallie Spunaugle

Agricultural Business



Caroline SandersShirry Stallard

Biology: Biomedical Sciences

Caroline SandersKeegan Sturdy

Business Management

Keegan SturdyMarissa Whitt

Mathematics Education

Emily TruesdellCJ Wiseman

Social Studies: History & Chemistry Education 


Emily TruesdellZoe Wood

Marine Biology 


Give us a call at 660.562.1726 or visit us on the second floor of the library to see what we have available and make a tutoring appointment.  


Supplemental course tutors (SCTs) are individuals who have excelled in a specific course and have chosen to retake that course in order to support students taking it for the first time. SCTs offer study strategies and skills for the content of the specific course they support, work closely with the course instructor to develop support materials, and offer drop-in hours for students to meet with them one-on-one.

Ruby MedwidRuby Medwid

United States to 1877

Dr. Elyssa Ford

Walk-In Hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00pm to 4:00pm



Ryan WatsonRyan Waston 

United States to 1877

Mr. Matt Johnson

Walk-In Hours:

Walk-In Location:



Tutor specialists are tutors who have taken on a leadership role in addition to their typical tutoring duties. These are individuals who act as leaders and mentors to both new and returning tutors, and actively engage in the training and professional development of the SSC's tutoring staff.

Victoria Gustafson

Victoria Gustafson


Ryleigh LindseyRyleigh Lindsey

Mathematics Education

Holly ModlinHolly Modlin

Mathematics & Economics

Zane PapekZane Papek

Mathematics: Data Science

Zoe WoodZoe Wood

Marine Biology


List of tutor-supported courses

Below is a list of all of the specific courses our tutors support. This list is dynamic, meaning it gets updated as tutors add more courses to the list of what they want to tutor, so if you don't see a course listed that you want tutoring for, feel free to reach and ask about the course or keep checking this list for updates.


  • Accounting I - ACCT51201
  • Accounting II - ACCT51202


  • Principles of Microeconomics in Agriculture - AGRI03102
  • Plant Science - AGRI03130
  • Animal Science - AGRI03150
  • Crop production - AGRI03232

Biological Sciences 

  • General Biology - BIOL04102
  • Principles of Biology - BIOL04106
  • General Botany - BIOL04112
  • General Zoology - BIOL04114
  • General Microbiology - BIOL04140
  • Anatomy Allied Health - BIOL04236
  • Physiology Allied Health - BIOL04238
  • Biological Evolution and Diversity - BIOL04348
  • Genetics - BIOL04350
  • Human Anatomy - BIOL04436


  • General Chemistry - CHEM24112
  • General Chemistry I - CHEM24114
  • General Chemistry II - CHEM24116
  • Organic Chemistry - CHEM24242
  • Analytical Chemistry - CHEM24322
  • Organic Chemistry I - CHEM24342
  • Organic Chemistry II - CHEM24344
  • Instrumental Analysis - CHEM24522
  • General Biochemistry - CHEM24562

Computer Science and Information Systems

  • Computers and Information Technology - CSIS44130
  • Computer Programming I - CSIS44141
  • Spreadsheet Applications - CSIS44336
  • Database Applications - CSIS44346


  • Principles of Macroeconomics - ECON52150

Education: Curriculum and Instruction 

  • Ecology and Developmental Foundations of Education - EDCI62107
  • Introduction to Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - EDCI62108
  • Positive Communication in an Inclusive Classroom - EDCI62109
  • Educational Computing and Technology - EDCI62130

Education: General Leadership

  • Multiculturalism in Education - EDUC61569


  • Introduction to Literature - ENGL10220


  • Business Law I - FIN53311


  • Introduction to Geography - GEOG32101
  • Peoples and Culture - World - GEOG32102


  • General Geology - GEOL17110
  • General Earth Science - GEOL27114
  • Mineralogy - GEOL27220
  • Environmental Geology - GEOL27360
  • Geochemistry - GEOL27424


  • The United States to 1877 - HIST33155
  • The United States since 1877 - HIST33156


  • Western Civilization II - HUM26103


  • Spanish I - LANG14141
  • Spanish II - LANG14142
  • Intermediate Spanish I - LANG14242
  • Intermediate Spanish II - LANG14243
  • Advanced Conversation in Spanish - LANG14344


  • Business Connections - MGMT54112
  • Managerial Communication - MGMT54310
  • Principles of Management - MGMT54313
  • Entrepreneurship - MGMT54318
  • Business and Society - MGMT54413


  • Principles of Marketing - MKTG55330
  • Retailing - MKTG55331
  • International Business - MKTG55438

Math and Statistics

  • General Statistics - MATH17114
  • Concepts of Mathematics - MATH17115
  • Math Modeling - MATH17116
  • Precalculus - MATH17117
  • Precalculus Algebra - MATH17118
  • Trigonomotry - MATH17118
  • Calculus I - MATH17120
  • Calculus II - MATH17121
  • Computational Reasoning and Data - MATH17145
  • Fundamentals of Math - MATH17171
  • Linear Algebra - MATH17311
  • Graph Theory - MATH17319
  • Calculus III - MATH17321
  • Probability and Statistics - MATH17333
  • Algebra and Geometry - Elementary/Middle School - MATH17371


  • General Physics I - PHYS25110
  • General Physics II - PHYS25112
  • Fundamental Classical Physics I - PHYS25120

Political SciencE

  • Introduction to American Government and Politics - POLS34102


  • General Psychology - PSYC08103
  • Developmental Psychology - PSYC08333
  • Biological Psychology - PSYC08343


  • Leisure and Society - REC45211

Study Skills

Study skills appointments are intended to help students focus on developing the fundamental skills to being an engaged student. Students who utilize study skills appointments can expect to cover things such as:

  • Note-taking skills
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills

Study skills appointments are not a substitute for classes not listed on this page, and students should not expect to review course-specific content in these appointments.