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Academic Success Coaching Program

The Academic Success Coaching program includes students accepted to Northwest as part of Academic Success Coaching program (formerly known as ASSIST), students who optionally enroll in the program and students in academic recovery.

Academic Success Coaching Program

Certain populations are required by University policy to enroll in the Strategies for Academic Success (one-credit hour) class and the Academic Success Coaching (one-credit hour) class during the next semester.  These populations include:

 First-time full-time freshmen on academic probation.

  1. Students returning from academic suspension.
  2. Students transferring to Northwest on academic probation
  3. Suspended students who have been reinstated by the Committee on Academic Petitions or Academic Appeals.

The Strategies for Academic Success class (course number 77-151) teaches students methods to perform successfully in class. Strategies include:

  • personal responsibility
  • self-motivation
  • time management
  • interdependence
  • self-awareness
  • life-long learning
  • emotional intelligence

The Academic Success Coaching class (course number 77-150) includes a weekly class meeting and individualized appointments that provide students skills in the following:

  • time management
  • study strategies
  • weekly study plan or task sheet
  • grade checks during the semester
  • academic reading strategies
  • applying new study strategies
  • focusing on content areas of concern

Student Testimonials:

"Because of the program, my study habits have improved greatly. I am staying on top of my school work, and getting assignments done on time. I would recommend the academic success coaching program to any in-coming freshman. I feel that the program takes away some of the anxiety of going through college classes. If I was given the option to continue through this program into the future, I certainly would."

Jackson Reed

"I think it’s such a privilege to get that one-on-one attention with an advisor who assists in making sure that you stay on track. To me, I don't look at it as extra help, but as another valuable source that students should really take advantage of."


Academic Success Coaching Program (formerly Assist)

Academic Success Coaching (formerly Assist) is a program designed for students who do not meet Northwest’s moderately selective admissions standards. Students who have an ACT composite score below 21 and an admissions index below 100 will be considered for this program. Such things as the high school GPA, class rank and grades earned in college preparatory coursework are taken into consideration.

Academic Success Coaching provides additional support as students transition from high school to college. It provides each student the support of an individual Academic Advisor and Success Coach, who works to enhance students’ study skills, time management skills and their knowledge of the campus community and resources.

Assist expands the support and services to new first year students. Each participant is assigned a Academic Success Coach and peer mentor who will monitor academic progress, act as an information resource person on campus, and recommend tutoring if needed.

Each Academic Advisor and Success Coach receives regular grade and attendance checks for all participants. The student’s progress is discussed and recommendations for improving performance are made when appropriate.

Additionally, each participant benefits from one-on-one peer mentoring from a successful upperclassman as well as regular sessions with their coach.

Participants are required to sign an Understanding of Participation. This form outlines Northwest’s expectations of and commitment to the student.

Approximately 100 students are admitted to Northwest through the Assist Program each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As an Academic Success Coaching participant, will I be required to take additional or special courses?
A: Yes.  You will be required to enroll in and complete the 1-credit hour Academic Success Coaching course (77-150) during your first semester of enrollment. 

Q: Will I be limited in the number of credit hours in which I can enroll?
A: Yes. Students are limited to a maximum of 16 hours during their first semester. These hours include at least nine hours of general education courses unless a student’s major requires otherwise. Students must be enrolled in at least 12 semester hours to be considered a full-time student.

Q: How long is my commitment to Academic Success Coaching?
A: A student’s formal commitment is for the first semester of enrollment only. However, most of the program’s resources are available upon request to students in subsequent semesters.

Q: What if I have poor academic performance my first semester at Northwest?
A: If your first semester GPA is below a 1.75, your progress will be evaluated based on course grade checks, class attendance checks, academic coaching and mentoring session attendance/participation. 

Q: What support services will be made available to me?
A: Students are provided with free tutoring in content areas that are relevant to their class schedules. Students are invited to attend various workshops and sessions designed for first-year students. Students will be assigned a Academic Advisor and Success Coach who is knowledgeable about student development and the myriad of Northwest resources. Students will also be assigned a student mentor who will provide insight and assistance from a student perspective.

Additional Information

For more information regarding the admissions process, please contact:

Tamera Grow
Associate Director of Admissions 

For more information on the Assist & Academic Success Coaching Program, contact:

Dr. Allison Hoffmann
Director, Academic Success & Retention