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Safety & Emergency Preparedness

University Police

The University Police department is located on the west side of the Northwest campus in the Support Services building, and enforces state, local and University regulations to protect the welfare of the University community. 

University Police employs state-certified commissioned police officers and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The University is served by a 911 emergency phone system, meaning that all 911 calls made from a campus telephone go directly through the University Police dispatching center.

During the evening hours, visitors and members of the campus community may request an escort to their vehicles or back to their residence hall free of charge. Northwest has innovative alert systems, including an outdoor audible alarm system, which broadcasts emergency announcements in campus buildings, and the opt-out emergency text-message alert program.

Emergency Preparedness

University Police is prepared for a number of natural and human-caused hazards that could affect University property and faculty, staff, students, and visitors that are present on campus. Visit our Emergency Operations site read the complete Emergency Operations Plan and for recommendations for your student's own personal preparedness planning.

Enroll in Alert System

Bearcat Alert, an emergency text-messaging system to increase the University’s ability to communicate with students during times of crisis.

Encourage your student to enroll in Bearcat Alert and to download the Crisis Manager app that provides instant access to Northwest’s emergency plans so your student knows what to do when a crisis strikes.