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Campus Housing

Students living in residence halls have a higher chance of being involved in clubs and organizations, becoming well connected with the University, having a higher success rate and higher grade-point averages than those living off campus.

For this reason, all first-time freshmen must live in the residence halls unless they are married, 21 years of age or are commuting from their parent’s home within 60 miles (with approval). Students not complying with the policy will be billed for room and board charges.


Community kitchens are available to students in each residence hall. Due to sanitation, health and safety laws, cooking is only permitted in these designated areas. Cooking appliances permitted in your student’s rooms include popcorn poppers, George Foreman grills, hot pots, coffee makers and microwaves with 700 watts or less. Refrigerators smaller than five cubic feet and 2.5 amps are allowed in the residence hall rooms.

Each residence hall offers cooking equipment at the front desk to be checked out for use in the community kitchen.


Some of the most interesting, space saving, efficient rooms on campus are those with lofts. Room alterations such as bunk beds and lofts are permitted in the following areas:

  • High Rise buildings (Franken, Dieterich, Phillips, and Millikan)
  • Beds in South Complex are bunkable, but not loftable.
  • Forest Village Apartments (rental only)

Non-Northwest lofts are prohibited in Roberta, Hudson-Perrin Halls and Tower Suites as lofting kits are provided.

For additional information, contact Residential Life.