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Bachelor of Applied Science

Program(s) Available: B.A.S.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) program curriculum is designed to provide the additional general and specific education necessary for technicians with vocational or ‘non-college transfer’ certificates/degrees to earn a bachelor's degree.

Bachelor of Applied Science programs are available online-only, on-campus or both. Some of our most popular emphases include: (click on an area to learn more about that discipline) 

Don't see what you're looking for? That's the beauty of this program, it's customizable to your liking. You have options here at Northwest. Contact the Transfer Office at 660.562.1804 or to continue your path today!

Why Study Bachelor of Applied Science at Northwest

The Bachelor of Applied Science is a flexible, individually tailored degree for students pursuing a vocational or technical degree. Students who have earned a technical Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.), Associate of Science (A.S.), or certificate from a regionally accredited community college may find a B.A.S. appealing for the following reasons:

  • Shorter time to degree
  • Maximize the transfer of vocational and technical courses toward a four-year degree
  • Requires fewer Northwest Core courses (general education courses)
  • A personalized and flexible degree plan
  • Cost-effective

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Degree requirements

To be admitted to Northwest’s B.A.S. program, you must have completed one of the following degrees in any area from a regionally-accredited institution:

Only students who have earned approved vocational or technical certificates or degrees or military credit are eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Applied Science program.  Eligible students will have completed:

  • A one-year technical certificate from a community/junior college
  • A two-year technical certificate from a community/junior college
  • An Associate of Applied Science degree
  • An Associate of Science degree (eligible technical or vocational programs only)
  • Military/Joint Services Transcript credit - 24 to 59 hours
  • Military/Joint Services Transcript credit - 60 or more hours

The curriculum leading to a B.A.S. is determined based on the specific discipline area that a student pursues. A set of course is selected for each student to provide additional knowledge in a specific discipline. For example, a technical certificate in agriculture combined with a B.A.S. emphasis in management would better prepare you to enter the business field.

Degree requirements will vary from program to program. However, all B.A.S. students will complete 33 hours of studies from the Northwest Core and three hours from the Institutional Requirements.

Students who have earned a one-year certificate will complete a minimum of 39 hours of coursework at Northwest in their chosen emphasis area. Students who have earned a two-year certificate, A.A.S., or eligible A.S. will complete a minimum of 24 hours of coursework at Northwest in their chosen emphasis area.

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