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Cyber Assurance

Program(s) Available: B.A.S.

Computer science is one of the major growing industries. Northwest's cyber assurance program will prepare you for the future. Read more about what we have to offer!

Why Study Cyber Assurance at Northwest

What is cyber assurance?
Cyber assurance focuses on ensuring that information systems perform as needed, remain securely accessible to authorized users, and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Information assurance professionals manage, plan, audit and govern an organization's information assets.

What is a B.A.S.?
For transfer students completing a vocational or technical Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science degree from a regionally accredited community college, a Bachelor of Applied Science with an emphasis in cyber assurance is available. Coursework for these degrees build on workplace skills and practical career training provided by an associate degree.

Our program teaches both the theory and practice of computer science, preparing students for a career in computing or a path to graduate school. Students learn the essential theory that underlies the discipline, knowledge that makes them well-rounded and informs them as they develop software. On the practical side, students learn how to discover and document what end-users need, develop algorithms to solve those problems, assess the efficiency of those algorithms, and finally how to implement those algorithms in various programming languages.

Please note this program is not a traditional four-year program. It is structured for transfer students.

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Career Opportunities

  • Information Assurance and Security Engineer
  • Senior Firewall Engineer
  • Information Systems Security Officer
  • Information Assurance Analyst
  • Information System Security Officer
  • Information Assurance Engineer

What Can I Do With a Major in Cyber Assurance?

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