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Program(s) Available: B.A.S., B.S., Minor

Do you ever wonder what makes the world go 'round? Are you curious how the environment impacts human behavior? If so, the geography major might be for you!

Why Study Geography at Northwest

Geography is a holistic discipline that studies the relationship between humans, the unique cultures of construct and the environments in which they live. This major prepares students for a wide range of careers related to geography and culture. Northwest offers two different areas of focus: culture and society, environmental geography and another major, geographic information science

This program requires a minor. 

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Geography B.S.

The Geography program is set up to be interdisciplinary as students will choose from sets of electives labeled “Social & Cultural Geography” and “Environmental & Technical Geography.”

This program requires a minor. 

Social & Cultural Geography: Ever wonder what makes a city overpopulated? What about the impacts of migration? Culture and society classes teach the patterns of human culture in relation to the environment. 

culture and society 4-Year Plan 

Environmental & Technical Geography: Our environment is ever-changing. There's so much to learn  about geospacial technology and the physical geography of the place we call home. Classes in environmental geography will allow you to explore how humans impact, control and care for the planet. 

environmental geography 4-Year Plan

B.A.S. (for transfer students)

For transfer students the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) is a flexible, individually tailored degree for students pursuing a vocational, technical or associate degree. Coursework for these degrees build on workplace skills and practical career training provided by an associate degree. Students may find a B.A.S. appealing for the following reasons:

  • Shorter time to degree by maximizing the transfer of vocational and technical courses toward a four-year degree
  • Requires fewer Northwest Core courses (general education courses)
  • A personalized and flexible degree plan
  • Cost-effective

Please note this program is not a traditional four-year program. It is structured for transfer students. Check out more on the benefits of our B.A.S. programs.

Minor Programs

Students may also minor in geography or geospatial technology! Both minors are customizable after the completion of the required courses. For more information, visit the Academic Catalog.

Career ready

Career ready

β€œIt definitely provided me with not only the tools to do that research, but to think critically and discover connections that might also affect those situations. This education allowed me to become a holistic person and really work on the areas that I struggle in as well.” β€” Aaron Moser

Career Opportunities

  • Cartography technician
  • Geography information systems analyst
  • Retail analyst
  • Homeland security
  • Mapping technician
  • Urban planning
  • Precision agriculture specialist

What Can I Do With a Major in Geography?

Profession-Based Learning Experiences

Study Abroad is an opportunity for students to apply hands-on international experience to their own academic development. Two types of study abroad programs are available: faculty-led and traditional.

Profession-Based Learning Experiences

Research Opportunities

Faculty-led research provides an opportunity for students to produce original research with the goal of publishing their work. This is available for students showing interest in furthering their education. 

Research Opportunities

Student Organizations

GeoClub offers academic and social opportunities for students studying Earth science, geology and geography. This club sponsors various activities such as: 

  • Field trips to geologically and geographically important areas in the United States
  • Trips to the Kansas City Gem and Mineral Show
  • Setting up educational displays at the Kansas City Gem and Mineral Show, B.D. Owens Library and Garrett-Strong Science Building
Student Organizations
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