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Message from the Provost

Dr. Jamie Hooyman


As a student on academic probation or a first-time freshman with a grade point average less than 2.0, you are at a crossroads in your academic journey. At Northwest, my colleagues and I are committed to helping you achieve your academic goals and complete your college degree. Thus, we require participation in an academic recovery program to help you get back on a successful academic path.

Academic probation is an enrollment status based upon the grades you have earned. You are eligible to continue your enrollment at Northwest, but there are conditions associated with your continued enrollment. Northwest’s Academic Recovery plan is designed to help you make informed decisions, access resources and learn new success strategies so you can achieve your academic goals. First-time freshmen earning over a 1.75 but less than a 1.99 grade point average after their first term may not yet be on academic probation but are enrolled in 77-150 Academic Success Coaching to provide additional academic support for the spring trimester. 

Please take advantage of the semester break to reflect upon this past term and take action toward your future. You have learned a great deal in just a few short months — and much of that learning is about you. Take that new knowledge into consideration. While it may be tempting to dwell upon what did not go well, it is also very important to consider what did because you can draw on those strengths as you move forward. 

This academic recovery website provides information that can help you begin to make a plan. Each page has information that is specific to students on academic probation and first-time freshmen with a grade point average less than a 2.0. Contact information for professionals who can help with additional questions is also provided. I encourage you to spend time on the site to understand more about what academic probation means for you, the academic recovery program and resources available as you create a plan to succeed.

As a condition of your continued enrollment, you are required per university policy, to enroll, participate, and complete student success coursework in the next term of enrollment. This curriculum will help you develop learning strategies to be successful as you continue your educational journey. Depending on academic standing, students will be enrolled in one or both of the courses below:

*Students required to enroll in the Academic Success Coaching program or the Academic Recovery program may be administratively withdrawn for failure to meet program standards or failure to meet program requirements. This is outlined in the administrative withdrawal policy.

If you have already enrolled in courses for the next semester, the university will add the required student success coursework. If you have not enrolled for the upcoming semester, but plan to do so, please contact your academic advisor or the Student Success Center.

My colleagues and I believe that you, working in partnership with Northwest’s academic recovery program and many support systems, will be successful in improving academically.

In the name of student success -- every student, every day -- I wish you well!

Dr. Jamie Hooyman