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English Education

Program(s) Available: B.S.Ed., Minor

English is essential. An individual teaching English is essential. Do you want to be essential? Northwest's English education program molds you into the person you want to be for secondary education.

Why Study English Education at Northwest

A degree in English education prepares students for meaningful careers in middle and high school classrooms. As an English education major at Northwest, students learn the skills to be successful in the classroom – classroom management, differentiated instruction, professionalism, practical strategies for teaching reading and writing – but they also learn about the teaching of English as a craft and an art.

Through books, English teachers expose students to other cultures and time periods, giving insight into how others think and have thought. Through writing instruction, they give students a voice of their own and the means to express themselves to their world. Often, English teaching is associated with spelling, punctuation, grammar and other basic skills. As an English education major, students learn how to teach those skills, but also promote social justice and give kids the tools to thrive in an evolving world through reading and writing.

Education majors get experience in the classroom starting day one. Freshman-year observation allows students to observe a professional teacher during their first year. Students interact with professionals in the field and learn classroom operation and effective teaching practices. For student’s sophomore year, students participate in a field experience, during which they outline a unit plan and teach lessons. During the junior-year practicum experience, students spend time in the classroom, teaching lessons, integrating technology and literacy, engaging in learning strategies and using assessments to guide education. The senior-year student teaching involves preparing lessons and teaching in a classroom. Northwest is dedicated to ensuring students are career-ready and prepared for the first day of their careers!

Pick your path

English Education: General

Are you interested in teaching English? If so, the general English education specialization could be the perfect fit for you. This program will allow you to explore the fascinating world of literature and grammar while equipping you with the necessary skills to become a successful educator one day.

English Education: Writing

Are you passionate about writing? If so, consider exploring this specialization. It offers coursework and projects specifically designed to help you improve your writing skills. Upon completing the program, you will be equipped to create your own written works and guide aspiring writers in the future.

English Education: Literature

If you have a passion for literature, this specialization track is perfect for you. As a student, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of English literature and engage in thought-provoking discussions, debates, projects and presentations. Upon completing this program, you will also be well-equipped to lead your own classroom.

English Education: Language/Literature

This specialization is perfect if you love language and literature. You'll learn how to analyze literature, write well and think critically. After completing this program, you'll be ready to teach your own English class.

English Education: Diversity/Inclusion

This specialization is ideal for those who are passionate about diversity and inclusion. Its focus is on English education from the perspective of diversity and inclusion. It delves into social differences and hierarchies, both past and present.

Minor and certificate programs

A minor in English (30 credit hours) offers a balance of writing and literature courses similar to the Bachelor of Arts in English. This minor, when completed under the B.S.Ed. Secondary or Elementary/Secondary Programs meet Missouri teacher certification standards for grades 9-12.

A language arts certification is also available for middle school education majors!

Career Ready
English Education

“The teacher ed program puts you in the classroom as many times as you can for as many hours as you can afford, so any time I was leaving campus to step foot in a high school, I knew it was going to be a valuable experience.” — Dimitric Edwards

Career Opportunities

  • High school english teacher
  • Middle school english teacher
  • English curriculum instructor

What Can I Do With a Major in English Education?

Learn to teach at our on-campus school

Horace Mann Laboratory School, an elementary school consisting of grades transitional kindergarten through six, is a clinical teaching environment located on the Northwest campus where students gain profession-based skills. Horace Mann is one of a small number of laboratory schools in the United States and provides hands-on experience for students to ensure they are career-ready upon graduation. 

Learn to teach at our on-campus school
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