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Middle School Education

Program(s) Available: B.S.Ed., Minor

If we asked everybody to reflect on their middle school experience, we'd probably get varying responses. This is a challenging time for many students, which is why middle school teachers are so important. If this age group interests you, keep reading about our middle school education program!

Why Study Middle School Education at Northwest

Our middle school education program will give you the experience you need to become an excellent educator. If you think back to middle school, you probably remember a few things: braces, fitting in, getting to use a locker, etc. You probably also remember your favorite teacher. Was it your homeroom teacher? Your math teacher? No matter who it was, you remember them for a reason. 

Teachers help us reach our full potential. That's why we are dedicated to preparing excellent, effective educators. Did you know? 100% of our education graduates complete at least 555 hours of profession-based internship or teaching practicums. Cool, right?

We're also ranked highly across the board. In addition to being a two-time recipient of the Christa McAuliffe Excellence in Teacher Education Award, Northwest is ranked #1 out of 38 in teacher candidate performance on reaching students with effective classroom management, differentiating lessons and content knowledge and using assessment data to improve learning. 

Now it's your turn to teach. Faculty ensure students are proficient and highly qualified in content areas and understand how kids learn. You'll understand the best methods to incorporate technology into the classroom, understand the development and psychology of middle school students and know how to use assessment to improve learning outcomes.

Middle school education majors will be required to complete one (1) minor, concentration or endorsement from in these subject areas:

Career Ready
Middle School Education: Social Science

“Northwest makes you feel like a person. They know your name and what you want to do with your life–your goals and aspirations–and tailor your experience to put you on the right track.” — Kirayle Jones

Learn to teach at our on-campus school

Horace Mann Laboratory School, an elementary school, consisting of grades transitional kindergarten through six, is a clinical teaching environment on the Northwest campus where students gain profession-based skills. Horace Mann is one of a small number of laboratory schools in the United States and provides hands-on experience for students to ensure they are career-ready upon graduation. 

In addition to field experiences at Horace Mann, Northwest faculty have networks and work collaboratively with elementary schools in the region, state, nation and even internationally to ensure the availability of experiences in various settings.

Learn to teach at our on-campus school
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