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Program(s) Available: B.A., Minor

Do you love reading and writing? Do you find yourself correcting your friends and family members on their grammar? If you enjoy learning about literature, linguistics and writing, the English major may be for you.

Why Study English at Northwest

At Northwest, English majors explore literature, writing, linguistics and the history of the English language. If you want to use writing in your future career, this may be the program for you. Your writing and grammar skills will improve tremendously! Courses teach linguistics, writing pedagogy, community literacies, publishing, workplace writing and creative writing. You'll also get to discuss pieces of work and analyze them through artistic, social and scientific lenses.

Without language, where would we be? How would we communicate with one another? How would we express ourselves? English is a special major because it can be utilized in every industry. Everyone needs good writers, Whether with the social media team at a construction company or literary creative-writing. Northwest's English major molds students into excellent writers and communicators.

Pick your path

English B.A.

A Bachelor of Arts in english is available at Northwest. View the 4-year plan or catalog for courses and more information.

English 4-YEAR PLAN (B.A.)

Minor program

If you want to pursue writing but also are passionate about something else, you may consider adding a minor in English. This 24-credit-hour program teaches students the foundations of American and English literature. Additionally, students will learn skills related to creative writing, writing for professionals and playwriting. To learn more, view the academic catalog.

Career Ready
Writing with an emphasis on creative writing and publishing; Spanish

“Northwest gave me the courage to pursue my dreams because I knew that I would have people that wouldn’t lead me down the wrong path, who would help support me in all I do and be there for me if I ever failed.” — Natasha Helme


  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Copywriter
  • Technical writer
  • Speech writer

What Can I Do With a Major in English?

GreenTower Press

GreenTower Press is a small press supported by the department and managed by two faculty members. GreenTower Press publishes a highly lauded literary magazine, The Laurel Review. Each term, student interns gain professional publishing experience with GreenTower Press and The Laurel Review. Students work as editors-in-training at The Laurel Review, where they read, evaluate and edit manuscripts for publication.

GreenTower Press

Medium Weight Forks

Medium Weight Forks is an arts and literary magazine published by students in a publications skills course every spring.

Medium Weight Forks

Profession-based learning

The Writing Center offers tutoring and other services to all Northwest students. Many students from the department gain valuable experience as writing tutors or student managers! Students also have the opportunity to work as writing fellows with faculty in classrooms. 

Students in professional writing complete practicum-based exercises and the occasional real-world projects for regional businesses and organizations.

Profession-based learning


Although internships are not required with the English major, they are highly encouraged. Interns have worked with the following organizations:

  • GreenTower Press (Northwest campus)
  • KZLX radio station (Northwest campus)
  • Grant coordinator (Northwest campus)
  • The Northwest Missourian student newspaper
  • Tower yearbook
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Nodaway County Historical Society
  • A to Z Communications
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