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Agricultural Science

Program(s) Available: B.S., Minor

Northwest is known for its stellar agriculture program. If you've ever considered studying agricultural science, look no further.

Why Study Agricultural Science at Northwest

We take hands-on to a whole new level. Northwest students access top-notch facilities and resources, including the Agricultural Learning Center, Center for Innovation and even our own University farm. We provide the full hands-on experience at the right price.

Northwest's agriculture program exposes students to all avenues of the industry, including agricultural economics, plant science, animal science and soils.  What makes us different from other schools? The facilities and expertise. 

The R.T. Wright University Laboratory Farm is a 448-acre facility that provides profession-based learning experience with livestock and crops. New in 2021, the 29,000-square-foot Agricultural Learning Center (ALC) houses classrooms, laboratories, exposition and office spaces. Our agriculture faculty are experts in the field and want to help you thrive in your academic journey.

Pick your path

Agricultural Science B.S.

A Bachelor of Science in agricultural science is available at Northwest. View the 4-year plan or catalog for courses and more information.

agricultural science 4-YEAR PLAN (B.S.)

Minor Program

A minor in agricultural science is also an option. This 24-credit hour minor teaches students the fundamentals of agricultural economics, plant science, animal science and soil science.

Career Ready

β€œIt feels like home. It feels like family. It feels like people care about you.” β€” Ryan Talkington

Career Opportunities

  • Estates manager
  • Farm manager
  • Plant breeder/geneticist
  • Soil scientist
  • Agricultural consultant

What Can I Do With a Major in Agricultural Science?

Agricultural Learning Center

Students gather for the meat science lab in the Agricultural Learning Center (ALC). The facility opened in 2021 and is where most ag courses occur.

Agricultural Learning Center

R.T. Wright Farm

R.T. Wright University Farm is a 448-acre facility that provides profession-based learning experiences with livestock and crops.

R.T. Wright Farm
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