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The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences includes the disciplinary areas of criminology, emergency and disaster management, geography, geographic information science, history, political science, and social science education, thus serving a kaleidoscope of constituencies on campus. Throughout the department, academic experiences that embrace broad, general, liberal education as well as applied skills encourage students to be inquisitive, creative, and imaginative as well as functional. The department strives to prepare students to be adaptable and flexible in their occupation and professional pursuits but ever cognizant of and responsible to the human and environmental conditions. The disciplines represented by the department should serve as a foundation upon which every person bases his or her professional career as well as being integral to their lives and the lives of those around them. The offerings of the department are intended to be broad, open-ended, conceptual, and philosophical while also offering training in the skills necessary to succeed in discipline-specific professions.

The department has 395 students and had 77 students graduate from its programs in the past year.

Degree Programs

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers twelve majors, thirteen minors, and certification in middle and secondary school social sciences as well as a certificate in geographic information science

Faculty Advisement

Each major and minor is assigned a personal faculty advisor to assist in the selection of courses to complete the degree requirements.


Pre-professional programs

Minors and Certificates

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Minor, 24 hours
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Studies Minor, 24 hours
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Minor, 25-27 hours
  • Geography Minor, 24 hours
  • Geospatial Technology Minor, 24 hours
  • Geographic Information Systems Certificate, 15 hours
  • Political Science Minor, 24 hours
  • Public Administration Minor, 24 hours
  • International Studies Minor, 24 hours
  • Emergency and Disaster Management Minor, 27 hours
  • Military Science Minor, 23 hours

Graduate Degree Programs