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Social Studies: History

Program(s) Available: B.S.Ed., Minor

Are you interested in history, geography, politics, economics and culture? Do you love the idea of being in front of a classroom of students? If so, a social studies major may be perfect for you. 

Why Study Social Studies: History at Northwest

There's a reason we're called the teacher school. Northwest offers social studies students ample opportunities to get in front of the classroom before stepping across the stage at graduation. To learn more about our profession-based learning, scroll down!

Did you know? Recent Northwest graduates have obtained teaching positions in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. Keep in mind that the particular certification for each state varies. Northwest students learn the content of history, geography, economics, political science/government and behavioral sciences while also gaining an understanding of the techniques of the teaching profession. This includes classroom management, lesson planning, special education, technology for classrooms and other related skills.  

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Social Studies: History B.S.Ed

A Bachelor of Science Education in social studies is available at Northwest. View the 4-year plan or catalog for courses and more information.

social studies 4-YEAR PLAN (B.S.Ed)

Minor and certificate programs

A social studies certification is also available for middle school education majors!

Career Opportunities

  • Social studies teacher
  • History teacher and coach
  • Middle school teacher
  • Science teacher
  • Social science teacher

What Can I Do With a Major in Social Studies: History?

Learn to teach at our on-campus school

Horace Mann Laboratory School, an elementary school consisting of grades transitional kindergarten through six, is a clinical teaching environment located on the Northwest campus where students gain profession-based skills. Horace Mann is one of a small number of laboratory schools in the United States and provides hands-on experience for students to ensure they are career-ready upon graduation. 

In addition to field experiences at Horace Man, Northwest faculty have networks and work collaboratively with elementary schools in the region, state, nation and even internationally to ensure the availability of experiences in various settings.

Learn to teach at our on-campus school
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