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Program(s) Available: B.A., B.S., Minor

Are you interested in studying the human experience and how history fits into the context of the world? Do you want to learn about the evolution of mankind and what events led us to where we are today? If so, the history major could be for you!

Why Study History at Northwest

Northwest's history program is different from other institutions. Here’s why.

The reason our Bearcats are so successful after graduation is the experience. History majors have more than 35 different field or internship opportunities throughout their time at Northwest.  

By the time you walk across that stage, you'll learn how to think critically and develop conclusions based on research and evidence. This is perfect for those interested in pursuing a career in government, public service, business industry, archives, museums and historical preservation as well as writing and research!

Another perk? The classes are small. The average student-to-faculty ratio at Northwest is 21 to 1, but that ratio is even smaller for history majors. Your faculty members will know your name and help you succeed! 

This program also offers many ways to get involved and meet other like-minded students. Students can participate in STOA Talks, which allow students to present publicly on work and research. For one of their projects, students transformed a classroom into a boisterous festival of art displays and academic presentations as they recreated the Exposition Universelle of 1889. Talk about recreating history!

We could go on and on about the opportunities available to history students. If you have any questions about this program, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Pick your path

History B.S.

A Bachelor of Science in history is available at Northwest. View the 4-year plan or catalog for courses and more information.

history 4-YEAR PLAN (B.S.)

History B.A.

A Bachelor of Arts in history is available at Northwest. View the 4-year plan or catalog for courses and more information.

history 4-YEAR PLAN (B.A.)

Minor Program

Did you know? A minor in history is also available! This 21-credit-hour program teaches students the fundamentals of western civilization and United States history. For a list of required courses, visit the academic catalog.

Career Ready
History and Professional Writing

“Northwest gave me the courage to pursue my dreams because I knew that I would have people that wouldn’t lead me down the wrong path, who would help support me in all I do and be there for me if I ever failed.” — Natasha Helme

Career Opportunities

  • Archives/collections director
  • Cultural resource management
  • Documentary editor
  • Law
  • Librarian
  • Museum director

What Can I Do With a Major in History?

History Club

The History Club furthers student engagement with history and historic preservation and fosters a deeper engagement with the past. Participants take field trips to historical sites and engage in various community service activities.

History Club
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