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Faculty and Staff Directory

Dr. Joel Benson 660.562.1613 jbenson History
Dr. Luke Campbell 660.562.1760 lcampbell Political Science
John Carr 660.562.1008 jcarr Emergency and Disaster Management
Dr. Kimberly Casey 660.562.1290 kcasey Political Science
Dr. Brett Chloupek 660.562.1385 brett Geography
Dr. Mark Corson 660.562.1672 mcorson Geography
Dr. Patty Drews 660.562.1273 drews Geography
Dr. Richard Field 660.562.1296 rfield Humanities/Social Sciences
Dr. Elyssa Ford 660.562.1213 ebford History
Dr. Dawn Gilley 660.562.1839 dgilley Department Chair / Humanities
Dr. Theodore Goudge 660.562.1798 tgoudge Geography
Dr. Jessica Gracey 660.562.1055 jessicag Political Science
Dr. Bronson Herrera 660.562.1991 bherrera Political Science
Dr. Brian Hesse 660.562.1761 bhesse Political Science
Dr. Ming-Chih Hung 660.562.1797 mhung Geography
Matt Johnson 660.562.1697 mjohnso History
Dr. Kevin Romig 660.562.1201 romig Geography
Dr. Devlin Scofield 660.562.1614 devlins History
Cortni Shreve 660.562.1290 cortni Secretary
Daniel Smith 660.562.1293 desmith Political Science
Kamala Tabor 660.562.1291 kamala Political Science
Dana Ternus 660.562.0808 ternus History
Dr. Robert Voss 660.562.1294 robvoss History
Dr. Yi-Hwa Wu 660.562.1869 ywu Geography