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Custodial Cleaning Services & Frequency

Services Provided by Custodial Services

  • Floor care
  • Carpet care
  • Restrooms - clean, disinfect and restock
  • Classrooms and conference rooms
  • General cleaning - walls, windows, drinking fountains, etc.
  • Project cleaning - hard surface refinishing and carpet cleaning and extracting  

Office Cleaning

  • Office areas receive services twice a month (see office cleaning schedule below)
  • Custodial staff will empty trash and vacuum
  • Desktop will be cleaned if items are removed from accessible surface
  • Log a work request for carpet spots, light bulb replacement
  • Bearcat Thunder is provided to office complexes for personal cleaning

*Occupant is responsible for their “office paper recycling”

Bleach is not an approved cleaning chemical on campus due to the potential of a chemical reaction with other chemicals.

Office Cleaning Schedules

Week 1 & 3

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Administration 1st Floor Brown Hall 1st Floor Administration 3rd Floor
Agricultural Learning Center Foster Fitness Center Center for Innovation 
Chiller Plant Horticulture Classroom Facility Services - Administration
Faust Center 1st Floor Lamkin Basement Garrett-Strong 2nd Floor
Fine Arts 1st Floor Material Distribution Center Lamkin 1st Floor
Garrett-Strong 3rd Floor Ron Houston Performing Arts Mabel Cook 1st Floor
Martindale 1st Floor Student Recreation Center (Lamkin) Owens Library 2nd Floor
North Complex 1st Floor Valk Basement Rickman
Power Plant Wellness Center Wells Hall 1st Floor
Wells Basement Residential/Community Building  

Week 2 & 4

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Athletic Grounds Administration 2nd Floor Botany
Colden Hall 1st Floor Brown Hall 2nd Floor Brown Hall Basement
Fine Arts 2nd Floor Faust Center 2nd Floor Colden Hall 2nd Floor
Facility Services - East Fire Arts Facility Services - Shops
Lamkin 2nd Floor Hughes Fieldhouse Garrett-Strong 1st Floor
Martindale 2nd Floor MOERA Pellet/Recycling
Owens Library 1st Floor Mabel Cook 2nd Floor Station 1st Floor
Station Basement Support Services (UPD/Purchasing)
Wells Hall 2nd Floor Student Union 2nd Floor
Valk 1st Floor