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Vehicle Rental

To reserve a vehicle please create a work request, FIRST log into myNorthwest. The Work Request Management System Link can be found after clicking on Employee on the left sidebar; the link to the work request system will be on the far right side of the screen.  Employees will receive an email response when they submit a work request, when the work request is accepted and a work order number is assigned, when significant changes occur that will affect the work completion, and when the work order is completed.

Please include the following information in the "Action Requested" window:

  • Type of Vehicle
  • Pick Up Date/Time
  • Return Date/Time
  • # of Passengers
  • Destination
  • Driver's Name
  • Account Title & FOP
  • Remit Billing
  • Approver's Name & Phone #

Please contact 660.562.1183 with any questions. See rates below.

University Vehicles Policies

  • Procedures for Use (Bus, Van, Automobile); Please click on the procedures tab to the left.


Vehicle UseCharge per Mile
Car (4-5 Passenger) $0.45
Mini Van (7 Passenger) $0.55
Maxi Van (12-15 Passenger) $0.80
Bus # 1 (47 Passenger with vcr/dvd) $3.75
Bus # 52 (47 Passenger with vcr/dvd) $3.75
Bus # 4 (45 Passenger with vcr/dvd) (Handicap access) $3.75
Bus # 5 (47 Passenger with vcr/dvd) $3.75
Shuttle Bus (Handicap access) $1.00
Box Moving Truck $1.00
Driver Provided for Car or VanCharge per Hour
Regular Time $17.50
Overtime $25.00
Short Trip ChargesCharge Per Day
6 Passenger Golf Cart $75.00
4 Passenger Golf Cart $50.00
Cars (under 100 miles) $45.00
Mini Vans (under 100 miles) $55.00
Maxi Vans (under 100 miles) $80.00
Buses (under 100 miles) See Policy
Box/Moving Truck (under 60 miles) See Policy
Shuttle (under 100 miles) $100.00
Cleaning FeeCharge
If Returned Unsatisfactory $50.00

***Non Cancellation fee of $15.00 dollars will be charged for all vehicles reserved not cancelled within one business day of the scheduled pick up day.***

***If vehicle is not returned on designated day there will be a $25.00 fee.***