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Personal Devices

Personal Devices

Northwest wants to give campus technology users an on-campus experience that accommodates academic, professional and network entertainment activities such as the use of gaming consoles and popular activities that require certain network ports to be open. Registration of gaming consoles is not required and ports do not usually need to be asked to be opened for typical entertainment or learning activities.  However, some restrictions may apply due to security concerns or other network issues.

What do I need to know about bringing personal devices to campus?

Personal Computers
  • Personally-purchased desktops, laptops, tablets and e-readers are allowed on both the wired and wireless Northwest networks.
  • Must have an operating system (OS) that is compatible with Northwest's wired and wireless networks.
    • Recommended OS:
      • Microsoft Windows
    • Others that work on the Northwest network:
      • Mac OS
      • Linux
  • Must be wireless and/or wired ready.
  • Must have current anti-virus and operating system updates or you will be in violation of Northwest Technology Policies.
    • Safeguards your personal identity and important data.
    • Safeguards the data and personal identities of other campus network users.
    • Safeguards the stability of the campus wired and wireless networks.
    • Safeguards campus online resources.

By using the Northwest wired or wireless network (even with a personal computer), you are agreeing to abide by Northwest Technology Policies.

Smart Phone
  • Phones are allowed on Northwest's guest and secure wireless networks.
    • For those with Northwest Network Account login credentials, you are encouraged to use the secure wireless network at all times.
  • You can easily set up your Northwest Email to work successfully on your smartphone either through Settings or with the Outlook app.
  • By using the Northwest secure and guest networks, you are agreeing to abide by Northwest Technology Policies.
  • Gaming consoles are allowed on Northwest's wired and wireless networks.
    • Examples of gaming consoles:  Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii.
  • For best experience, the Northwest wired network is recommended for these devices.
  • You can get onto Northwest's wired network with an Ethernet cable via an Ethernet port.
    • Ethernet ports are located in every residence hall room and faculty/staff office.
    • Ethernet port are located in most academic and public buildings such as the Station, Student Union and B.D. Owens Library.
    • Ethernet cables are not provided by Northwest for personal devices.
  • You are not required to register your gaming console to be able to successfully use Northwest's wired network.  But some restrictions may apply if there are security issues.
  • You should set-up and use your gaming console successfully at least one time off-campus on your home network before bringing it to campus.
Firewall Port Requests
  • You should not need a port opened for most normal online activities.  If a port is inaccessible it is typically not allowed due to security issues.  Firewall port requests for educational purposes may be considered and are granted or declined depending on security issues.
  • To request a port be opened for educational activities, contact the Northwest Technology Service Center for help.  Your request will be reviewed and approved/denied by the IT Network Security team.
  • Smart entertainment devices like TVs and Tivo, as well as, Google TV, Apple TV and Roku are allowed.  Alexa, Chromecast and other streaming media are also allowed. 
  • For best connectivity, it is recommended that you use these types of devices/services on the Northwest wired network.
  • If you need a wireless connection, you may use Northwest_Personal.
    • You will need a pass code to successfully connect to Northwest_Personal.
    • Once you start the process of connecting to Northwest_Personal, you will be sent the pass code in your Northwest email.  You will need this code to successfully connect.
  • You are not allowed to use Northwest_Secure WiFi for these types of devices/services.
Wired Printer
  • Personal printers are allowed but not necessary at Northwest.
    • The vast majority of assignments and exams are submitted electronically and thus, are paperless
  • University networked printers are available most everywhere on campus such as the front desks of each residence hall and in public spaces like B.D. Owens Library and the Station.
      • Printing to a University networked printer does not require payment at time of printing.  In short, there are no up-front costs associated with printing.
      • Users who print to a campus networked printer are auto-billed by their login credentials for the size of their print job.
        • Black and white printing is 10 cents per page.
        • You will typically see your specific printing charges appear on your University bill  within 5 to 10 days of printing.
  • Personal printers are allowed only on the Northwest wired network.
No Wireless Personal Printers
  • Wireless must be disabled and your printer should be connected directly via its printer cables or you will ve in violation of Northwest Technology Policies.
    • You will be in violation of Northwest Technology Policies if you are using your personal printer on Northwest WiFi.
Wired Switch or Hub
  • Wired switches and hubs are allowed on the wired Northwest network.
No Personal Wireless Routers
  • Routers that are not owned and operated by Northwest are not allowed to connect to either the wired or wireless Northwest networks.
    • You will be in violation of Northwest Technology Policies if you use a router in your residence hall with one exception.
      • See DSL Service for the one router rule exception.
Video Cams
  • Web-cams are allowed on the Northwest wired and wireless network.
  • Skype and Duo are allowed and typically work well.
  • Video instant messaging (VIM) is allowed on the campus wired and wireless network.
    • Due to bandwidth issues, speed and stability for video instant messaging is not assured.
    • Northwest may also limit/restrict VIM if it adversely impacts the campus wired and wireless networks.
No NTSC Repair
  • The Northwest Technology Service Center (NTSC) does not maintain, repair or provide software or software licenses for personally-purchased, non-University-provided computing equipment or other communication and entertainment devices.
Northwest Technology Service Center
  • The Northwest Technology Service Center (NTSC) is responsible for maintaining a stable wireless and wired network in all campus buildings (where warranted) and in all residence halls.
  • The NTSC is also responsible for the following in campus buildings where warranted and in all residence halls:
    • Ethernet ports that connect successfully to the Northwest wired network.
    • A working cable outlet and cable television services.
    • A working telephone land line connection (just the outlet in residence halls, not the service).
  • The NTSC will assist with helping you to successfully do the following with your personally-owned computing and communication devices if you have active Northwest Network Account login credentials:
      • Connect to Northwest WiFi
      • Connect to the Northwest wired network
      • Print to a networked printer
NTSC Not Responsible

Northwest is not responsible or liable for the loss or damage to personally-owned devices brought to campus and does not provide insurance for such devices.  If you are interested in obtaining insurance, the NTSC has (as a courtesy) provided a list of known and legitimate vendors who have previously provided Northwest students with personal equipment protection.  See more information on these vendors* on the Northwest Laptops web page.

*Northwest  is not affiliated with insurance vendors and does not endorse any insurance vendor or plan.

DSL Service

What is DSL?

DSL (digital subscriber line) allows you to connect to the Internet over a telephone network.

You Don't Need DSL Service at Northwest!

Northwest provides provides Internet and cable TV access so you do not need to purchase DSL service unless you want to engage in activities that are either not allowed or work inconsistently on the Northwest wired network. 

Still interested in DSL?  Here are the details:

  • DSL service can be purchased through the local telephone company.
  • You can only use the  un-used  telephone jack in your Northwest residence hall room as the access port for DSL.
  • You may not use your Ethernet port or your cable TV connection for DSL.
  • Do not connect to the DSL service and the Northwest network simultaneously.
  • Northwest provides only maintenance of the telephone jack and its wiring, not for the DSL service or its equipment.
  • Contract, billing and maintenance is strictly between the DSL service provider and you.
  • The NTSC is only responsible for the repair and maintenance of the telephone jack that allows access to the DSL service.

Router Rule Exception:  Students who have independently purchased DSL from the local telephone company may use a wired router connected to the telephone jack in their residence hall room for DSL service. 

Northwest WiFi FAQ

Gaming Console FAQ

Firewall Port Request FAQ

Any Questions?

  • See our technology how-to-guides
    • OR
  • Contact the Northwest Technology Service Call Center for any questions about your Northwest-issued laptop.



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