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Jean Jennings Bartik Computing Museum

Jean Jennings Bartik: Computing Pioneer

Jean attended Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, majoring in mathematics.  She became one of only six women computer programmers on the ENIAC, the world's first successful electronic computer.

The Electronic Campus: Connecting Bearcats

Northwest unveiled its Electronic Campus Program in 1987. The program, brainchild of Dr. Jon Rickman, was designed to enhance leaning and instruction by placing computing equipment in every residence hall room and faculty/staff office.

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Jean Jenning Bartik Computing Museum

Northwest's computing history, which includes the Electronic Campus Program, is housed in the Jean Jennings Bartik Computing Museum.  

The Jean Jennings Bartik Computing Museum has a two-fold mission:

  1. To honor the accomplishments of Northwest alumnus Jean Jennings Bartik whose pioneering work on the ENIAC, BINAC and UNIVAC I helped to shape the digital age we now live in.
  2. To document and showcase Northwest's technological development.

The museum, which has a unique collection of early computing memorabilia, has on display an original Remington-Rand miniature model of the UNIVAC I. Additionally, there is an extensive collection of Northwest computing hardware including an Altair 8800 computer, considered the first personal computer, and an Osborne portable computer, an ancestor to the modern notebook [laptop] computer.