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Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Phone Email Specialization
Dr. Renee Oyotode-Adebile 660.562.1698 reneeo Finance
Dr. Casey Abington 660.562.1284 casey Economics and Finance
Shandy Beck 660.562.1752 sbeck Accounting
Lisa Bishop 660.562.1757 lphilli Marketing and Management
Dr. Ben Blackford 660.562.1282 blkfrd Management
Jamie Campbell 660.562.1652 jamiec Management
Dr. Shih-Hsien Chuang 660.562.1762 chuang Economics
Dr. Tolina Fufa 660.562.1850 tfufa Economics
Dr. Araceli Hernàndez 660.562.1931 araceli Management
Brenda Jones 660.562.1766 brjones Marketing and Management
Dr. Laura Kauzlarich 660.562.1891 lkauzlarich Accounting
Kathleen Kobayashi 660.562.1835 kryan Secretary
Dr. Chi Lo Lim 660.562.1785 chilol Management
Dr. Stephen Ludwig 660.562.1749 sludwig Accounting
Jeff Nickerson 660.562.1751 jnick Management
Dr. Adrienne Reynolds 660.562.1764 areynolds  Management
Doug Russell 660.562.1756 russell Marketing
Dr. Jason Satchell 660.562.1549 jsatchell Finance
Dr. Tiebing Shi 660.562.0829 tshi Marketing and International Business
Malinda Tobin 660.562.1754 mshanks Accounting and Finance
Dr. Deborah Toomey 660.562.1053 debs Marketing
Shelby Trussell n/a trussells Accounting
Dr. Jim Walker 660.562.1858 jwalker Marketing
Dr. Tekle Wanorie 660.562.1283 tekleow Management
Dr. Sangok Yoo 660.562.1656 syoo Management