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Dr. Tiebing Shi

Dr. Tiebing Shi



2100 Colden Hall


660.562.1731 (fax)

Joined Northwest in 2010

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D. Marketing; Queen’s University, Canada
    • Minor: Organizational Behavior
  • M.B.A. Marketing and Finance; Indiana University
  • B.Econ. International Trade; University of International Business & Economics, China
  • B.Eng. Industrial Design; Hunan University, China

Courses Taught

  • 55-332 Advertising and Promotion
  • 55-333 Consumer Behavior
  • 55-334 Social Media Marketing
  • 55-434 Marketing Management
  • 55-437 International Marketing
  • 55-438 International Business
  • 55-631 International Business (MBA course)
  • 55-636 Global Marketing Management (MBA course)

Academic Interests

The social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of consumer behavior and marketing strategies.  Topics include business ethics, ethical consumption, consumer creativity and co-creation, product/service innovation, entrepreneurship, self/identity, corporate identity, brand management, international marketing, and cross-cultural consumer behavior.

Honors & Awards

  • Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education (2017)
  • Dean’s Award for Teaching (2016)
  • Dean's Award for Research (2015)

Scholarly Activity

  • Shi, Tiebing, Robert Guang Tian, Cindy Tu, and Chi Lo Lim (2022), “Factors Influencing Responses to International Brand Alliances,” Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 40 (5), 656-670.

  • Shi, Tiebing, Han Yu, and Chi Lo Lim (2021), “Consumer Affinity and an Extended View of the Spillover Effects of Attitudes toward a Cross-border-acquisition Event,” Journal of Brand Management, 28, 596–608.

  • Shi, Tiebing, Jiandong Li, and Chi Lo Lim, (2017), "Host Country Consumers’ Brand Attitudes after Cross-border Acquisitions", Journal of Product & Brand Management, 26 (6), 559-572.

  • Shi, Tiebing (2017), “How Consumer Entrepreneurs Attain Political Legitimacy for Their Emerging Industry: The Case of the Anti-Fraudulence Industry in China,” International Journal of Business Anthropology, 6 (2), 55-82.
  • Shi, Tiebing, Han Yu, and Chi Lo Lim (2017), “The Effects of Consumer Affinity on Host Country Consumers’ Responses to Cross-Border Acquisitions,” presented at the 2017 JAMS Thought Leader Conference, Beijing, China, June 2-4, 2017.
  • Shi, Tiebing (2017), “The Struggle for Collective Authenticity: A Political-Cultural Perspective,” presented at The Sixth International Conference on Business Anthropology,” Beijing, China, May 19-21, 2017.
  • Shi, Tiebing (2015), “How Consumer Entrepreneurs Legitimize Their Activities and Offerings in A Nascent Market Which They Create: The Anti-fraudulence Industry in China, 1994-2014.” Presented at the Forth International Conference on Business Anthropology, May 2015, Tianjin, China.

  • Blackford, Ben, and Tiebing Shi (2014), “The Relationship between Business Simulations in Capstone Management Courses and Standardized Test Scores,” International Journal of Management Education, 13, 84-94.

  • Shi, Tiebing (2014), “Mainstreaming, Counter-Co-Optation, and Depoliticization by A Counterculture,” Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 8 (3), 107-119.

  • Shi, Tiebing (2014), “Mainstreaming, Counter-Co-Optation, and Depoliticization by A Counterculture: An Investigation of the Free/Open Source Software Culture,” 2014 AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Orlando, Florida, USA, February 2004.

  • Shi, Tiebing, and Jay Handelman (2011), “Understanding Consumer Creativity: Perspectives from the Literature,” presented at 2011 AMS/RMS World Marketing Congress, Reims, France, July 2011.

  • Shi, Tiebing, and Jay Handelman (2009), “Consumer Creativity and Ideological Conflicts: An Investigation of the Free/Open Source Software Community,” Advances in Consumer Research, Pittsburgh, PA., USA, October 2009.

  • Shi, Tiebing (2006), “The Effect of the Buyer’s Reputation on the Seller’s Reputation: A Network Perspective,” 2006 AMA Winter Educators' Conference Proceedings, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, February 2006.

  • Shi, Tiebing, and Jay Handelman (2005), “You-Can-Do-It-We-Can-Help: Emancipation Within the Marketplace?” Advances in Consumer Research, San Antonio, Texas, USA, October 2005.