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Casey Abington

Casey Abington



2120 Colden Hall



Joined Northwest in 2010



  • Ph.D. Economics; Kansas State University
  • M.B.A.; University of Central Missouri
  • B.S. Finance; University of Central Missouri

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Survey of Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Money, Credit, and Banking
  • University Seminar
  • Managerial Economics (MBA)
  • Financial Management (MBA)

Academic Interests

  • Economic effects of early childhood education
  • Relationship between education and economic growth
  • Economic growth of developing countries
  • Economic effects of government education spending
  • Measurement of human capital

Scholarly Activity

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Abington, C. (2021). Revisiting the relationship between human capital and productivity. Empirical Economics Letters. 20(11).
  • Abington, C. (2019). State appropriations for higher education: Do politics matter? Journal of Business, Economics and Technology, 22 (1), 183-190.
  • Abington, C., Fufa, T., and Wanorie, T. (2019). Remittance inflows and economic growth: The case of developing countries. Journal of Applied Economics and Business, 7(2).
  • Abington, C. (2017). Collaborative initiatives in higher education: A case study of economics programs. Quality Approaches in Education, 8(2), 39-46.
  • Abington, C. (2015). The Relationship between female education and growth in developing countries. International Journal of Economic Research, 12(3), 761-773.
  • Abington, C. (2014). Determining the importance of human capital for growth using a bayesian averaging of classical estimates approach. Global Business and Economics Research Journal, 3(4), 62-78.
  • Abington, C. (2014). The importance of expenditures for higher education graduation rates. Regional Business Review, 33, 35-44.
  • Abington, C. and Jelavich, M. (2014). State level employment, accessibility and rurality. International Journal of Business and Economic Development, 2(3), 18-23.
  • Abington, C. and Blankenau, W. (2013). Government education expenditures in early and late childhood. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37(4), 854-874.

Student Group Advisement

  • Sigma Society; Co-advisor
  • Financial Management Association; Advisor


  • Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education (2022)
  • Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching (2021)
  • Dean’s Award for Exemplary Research (2016)
  • Dean’s Award for Exemplary Teaching (2011)