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Dr. Shih-Hsien Chuang

Dr. Shih-Hsien Chuang



2600 Colden Hall



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Joined Northwest in 2018

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D. Philosophy, Economics; University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
  • Visiting Ph.D. Student, Economics; University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.A. Applied Economics; University of Houston
  • B.A. Economics and Mathematics; University of Wisconsin-Madison

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Econometrics
  • Data Mining for Business Applications (MBA)
  • Statistics, Principles of Macroeconomics (at UNL)

Academic Interests

  • Primary: Public Economics, Industrial Organization
  • Secondary: Urban and Regional Economics, Labor Economics, Public Administration

Scholarly Activity

Referred Journal Articles

  • Liao, W., Kuo, N. & Chuang, S. (2021). Taiwan’s budgetary responses to COVID-19: The use of special budgets. Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial Management, 33(1), 24-32.
  • Chuang, S. (2021). Aviation taxation and tax incidence. Applied Economics, 53(4), 453-468.
  • Chuang, S. (2020). Cost pass-through in the airline industry: Price responses and asymmetries. Economics Bulletin, 40(1), 639-652.
  • Chuang, S. (2020). Aviation taxation and tax incidence. Applied Economics, Taylor & Francis Journals, vol. 53(4), 454-468.
  • Liao, W., & Chuang, S. (2020). Examining the patterns and causes of local budget changes: Incrementalism or punctuated equilibrium theory. Journal of Public Administration, 59, 1-29.
  • Chuang, S. (2020). The passenger facility charge: What is it? And do we need it? Regulation, 42(4), 34-38.
  • Chuang, S. (2020, March 09). Congress sadly eyes a tax on U.S. air travel. Retrieved August 29, 2020, from

Research Grants

  • George Mason University Institute of Humane Studies, Hayek Fund for Scholars, (2018-19) Awarded $600
  • CITE Grant for Course Development: Mgmt 54-660, (2020), Awarded $3,000
  • Course Development: Econ 52-151 for Online Professional Course, (2020), Awarded $1,500
  • Is it Really Cheaper? Pricing Misconceptions and Purchasing Behavior (2020) Faculty Research Project Fund, Awarded $1,000
  • Tax Salience in the Airline Industry (2019) Faculty Research Project Fund, Awarded $1,550

Student Group Advisement

  • Faculty advisor for the Northwest Financial Markets Organization (2019-)

Other Professional Experience

  • Member of Professional Organizations: American Economic Association, Southern Economic Association, National Association of Business Economists
  • Referee for Economics Bulletin, Case Studies on Transport Policy