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Preregistration - When Can I Enroll?

Summer and Fall 2024

This information applies to students currently enrolled in Spring 2024

Enrollment Dates

Hours Enrollment Date

Graduate, Postbacc and Honors Program Students

0 and above Mar 18


130 and above Mar 18
120 and above Mar 19
110 and above Mar 20
100 and above Mar 21
90 and above Mar 22


80 and above Mar 25
75 and above Mar 26
70 and above Mar 27
65 and above Mar 28
60 and above Mar 29
Hours Enrollment Date


50 and above Apr 1
45 and above Apr 2
40 and above Apr 3
35 and above Apr 4
30 and above Apr 5


20 and above Apr 8
15 and above Apr 9
10 and above Apr 10
5 and above Apr 11
0 and above Apr 12

Petition to supersede is available starting on Monday, March 18

Preregister for Summer and Fall 2024 classes

Preregistration begins March 18 through April 12 based on your total earned credit hours.  Your total (overall) earned credit hours can be found in CatPAWS under Student » Student Records » Academic Transcript (at the bottom of the page).

Course Waitlist

A waitlist is an electronic list of students who would like to enroll in a closed class. Waitlisting does not guarantee enrollment into any class and not all classes have waitlists. Learn more about the process »


An undergraduate student is eligible to enroll for a course to be superseded starting on their preregistration enrollment date based on their earned credit hours.

A student MUST submit an electronic Petition to Supersede before attempting to enroll in the class.

The Petition to Supersede may be completed starting on Monday, March 18 as follows:

  • Log into CatPAWS.
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Click on the Registration tile.
  • Click on the Supersede Petition link.
  • Choose the term in which the student wishes to supersede the course.
  • A list of courses eligible to be superseded will be displayed, grouped by Transfer, Northwest and Registered courses. Click on the course link to be superseded.
  • Review the course and click Submit Supersede.
  • Review the confirmation of the supersede petition completion.
  • Completion of the Supersede Petition places a Permit on the eligible course
  • A student should then go to the Registration menu and enroll in the class section
    • Providing the course is open, and there are no prerequisite or co-requisite issues, the student may self-register for the course. 

Steps to preregister for classes

Registration Guide

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Find Class Openings

Note: Publication of the semester Class Schedule/Class Openings should not be considered a guarantee. And are subject to change based on the availability of resources and programmatic needs.