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Tuition and Fees Information

General Financial Information

Statements concerning fees are announcements and not to be regarded as offers to contract. The University reserves the right to change fees and other charges and refund schedules at any time by published notice before the opening of any semester.

Courses taken for audit or courses taken for reduced credit or no-credit will be counted at their normal credit value in computing the amount of fees to be paid.

It is the student’s responsibility to pay fees and any other financial obligations to the University as they become due. The non-payment of any financial obligation may result in the administrative withdrawal of the student or in legal action (at the University’s option).  The student agrees that if financial obligations are not paid when due, and the University should retain an attorney or collection agency for the collection, the student agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable interest, reasonable attorney's fees (even if a lawsuit is filed) and reasonable collection agency fees.  The fees assessed by a collection agency will be a percentage of the financial obligation to be collected.  Records, future enrollment and charging privileges will be withheld for failure to meet payment deadlines.  Delinquent accounts may be referred to external collection agencies and/or may be reported to national credit bureaus.  The student is obligated to pay all costs of collection including collection fees and attorney fees.

If the University removes a student from the class rolls for any reason, charges will be reduced according to the published schedules in Refund/Reduction in Charge Schedule. Such removal will not forgive any amounts due to the University and records and enrollment will be withheld until all obligations are cleared.

It is the student’s responsibility to have his or her current addresses on file with the Registrar’s Office.

The appeal body for most financial matters is the Student Financial Appeals Committee. Petitions are available online at

Residency for Fee Purposes

A student’s residency status for fee purposes is determined at the time of admission according to the policy recommended by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education. Copies of the residency policy and petitions for change of residency status are available on request from the Office of Admissions. Petitions must be submitted to the Office of Admissions before classes begin for the semester for which the change is desired.

Billing Policy – Email

The first bill for each semester will be mailed to the student’s permanent address if the student was preregistered. All subsequent bills will be emailed to the student’s University email account. If the student is not responsible for payment, an additional email can be sent. The student must complete the “2nd billing email” address in their CatPAWS account from the Personal Information Tab.

Payment and Installment Plan

Preregistered students are expected to pay by August 15 for the Fall semester, January 15 for the Spring semester and May 15 for the Summer semester. Students who enroll after those dates, including at general registration, are expected to pay upon enrollment.  If the student's account cannot be paid in full, Northwest offers an installment plan.  A $50 enrollment fee will be due for all student who enroll in a payment plan.  A $100 enrollment fee will be administered to all students with an outstanding balance and not enrolled in a payment plan by the payment deadline. 

Payment due dates for the fall are the 15th of August, September, October and November.  Spring payment dates are the 15th of January, February, March and April.  Payments not made by the due date are subject to a $20 late payment fee.

Financial Assistance

  • Funds will be credited to a student’s account after the student agrees to the conditions of the award and accepts the award offer (through student’s CatPAWS account), and completion of entrance counseling and a promissory note for loans. Awards are based on fulltime enrollment; however, some federal funds are prorated for less than fulltime enrollment.
  • Refunds will be processed after the 100% drop/add period and are typically available a few days after the refund is processed if the student has signed up for direct deposit.
  • First-time student loan borrowers at Northwest must complete entrance counseling before loan funds can be credited to their accounts.
  • Loans made for an academic year (fall/spring) are required to be disbursed in two equal payments.
  • Students intending to work on campus need to complete the required employment forms with the Student Employment Office.
  • All awards except Federal Work-study are applied to the student’s account. Federal Work-study must be earned before a payroll check is generated.

Change of Schedule/Contract

Students are required to review the Account Payment and make a payment immediately if a revised course schedule or any change of room/board contract causes an increase in cost.