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Northwest Technology & Residential Living

Northwest Technology & Residential Living

As we become more globally connected, Northwest is committed to ensuring efficient management and security of all campus technology resources to ensure the University's strategic goals for student success. All individuals using Northwest-provided technology resources and accounts are required to support and abide by campus technology policies.

You, Northwest Technology and Residential Living

Northwest's housing philosophy is specifically tailored to help students transition to life on campus, progress towards independent living and being a contributing member of the community.  Residential Life desires to make on-campus living a satisfying experience for students. See Housing for details about campus living.

Northwest’s Office of Information Technology works in cooperation with Residential Life to provide the hardware, software and network resources to ensure the University's strategic goals for student success. However, students living in campus residence halls do not own campus network resources or campus-owned and issued hardware and software.

Technology Use in Residence Halls - What should I know?

  • Students living in campus residence halls should consider Northwest to be their internet service provider (ISP) and as such must adhere to all Northwest Technology Policies.
  • The wireless and wired campus networks in residence halls along with all Wi-Fi access points, as well as, cable TV connection and Ethernet ports that allow students to connect to and use Northwest network services are the sole property of Northwest Missouri State University (Northwest) and are maintained by the Office of Information Technology.
    • The unused telephone jacks in each residence hall room are the sole property of Northwest, and while Northwest does not provide land-line services, students may use the telephone jack to obtain land line or DSL service independent of Northwest wired and wireless services.
  • Students may have personally-owned computing equipment in their residence hall room, including a personal printer.  Wireless printers are not allowed!
  • Students may also own software licenses, which they independently purchased from a software vendor. Such licenses typically allow students to possess one copy of the software for their personal use and install that software either on their personally-owned computing device or Northwest-issued laptop computer. However, students may not distribute this software to others since this would be a violation of copyright law.  

Disclaimer: Although the local, state and federal criminal statutes and legal consequences (e.g. fines, jail time, etc.) found within Northwest's technology policies sections have been produced and processed from legitimate government and pertinent legal/educational sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made by Northwest regarding completeness or precision of the content.


While Northwest’s Office of Information Technology is not responsible for maintaining or repairing personally-owned computing equipment and software, IT is responsible for providing students living in Northwest residence halls with:

  • Stable wireless access
  • Stable wired access via Ethernet port(s)
  • Cable TV connection and service
    • SMART TV’s and gaming consoles can be connected to the campus network, but activation should be done before coming to campus!
    • Standard cable hookup is recommended for all televisions brought on campus.
  • Telephone jack itself (Northwest does not provide DSL or telephone land line service)
  • Front desk networked printer
    • To get help connecting to your residence hall printer, call the NTSC or see our printing help information.
  • Repair and help with their Northwest-issued laptop and University-licensed software

Repair service for campus owned and issued laptop computers, including campus-licensed software must be conducted at the Northwest Technology Service Center (NTSC) located in the Jon T. Rickman Electronic Campus Support Center (ECSC) and not on-site. 

  • You must bring your campus-issued laptop to the NTSC for repair!
  • The NTSC does not repair personally-owned computing equipment!
Service Request:  Please report all issues with the wireless or wired network and their access points to the NTSC at 660.562.1634!  We can't help with what we don't know about!


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