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Social Media Management

Program(s) Available: B.S.

Are you a creative person interested in developing skills in video and audio production and graphic design for web and social media platforms? Do you enjoy writing to captivate an audience or want to learn how to create a tone to represent a brand? Look no further than our new major in Social Media Management.

Why Study Social Media Management at Northwest

More than 90 percent of businesses and organizations use social media. Hone your creative skills in this unique major at Northwest. Learn strategy techniques, content planning, marketing and promotions, copywriting, search engine marketing, online customer service and social photography. 

This interdisciplinary major will prepare students to be adept at learning new technology, establishing an online presence maintaining relevant skills in communication, creativity and relationship building. An internship is required for this major but opportunities to complete an internship on campus are vast.

Career ready
Communication: Public Relations

I’ve had five or six internships throughout my time at Northwest, so the profession-based learning outside of the classroom has been extremely beneficial. — Grace Niemeyer

Career Opportunities

  • Director of corporate communication
  • Public relations specialist
  • Multimedia manager
  • Social media manager
  • Digital content writer

What Can I Do With a Major in Social Media Management?

Student Organizations

Northwest's Speaking Bearcats forensics team has claimed 42 national championships since 2009. If you enjoy debating and traveling the country, you may consider joining this organization! 

Student Organizations


AdInk offers students the opportunity to learn more about advertising agencies and the skills employers are looking for after graduation. Students tour regional advertising agencies and attend a Kansas City advertising career symposium each year!

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Knacktive allows teams of students to conduct market research, analyze data, write creative strategies and develop an integrated, digital marketing campaign for a real-world client. At the end of each course, Knacktive teams pitch their ideas to the client in hopes of being selected. 

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