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Graphic Design

Program(s) Available: B.F.A.

If you have the gift of creativity and curiosity, this major may be for you. Graphic design allows students to think outside of the box and create art that is meaningful and unique. Think this is something you'd be interested in? Keep reading! 

Why Study Graphic Design at Northwest

Students majoring in art with an emphasis in graphic design get hands-on experience from day one. You'll learn how to create powerful, compelling designs you can add to a professional portfolio. Employers will be impressed by this! With the world going digital, there will never be a shortage of graphic design jobs. People hire graphic designers for a variety of reasons, including brand building, social media curation, promotions and more. 

Our graphic design program teaches students the fundamentals of art and the tools used in the real world. When you get hired as a graphic designer, not only will you need artistic ability and vision, but you'll need to adhere to deadlines and communicate with clients. This program teaches students how to go from the initial design request to the finished product! 

Career Ready
Art and Graphic Design

What made me career ready was the classes that I took, the projects we had. It was all very obviously geared toward, 'You need to be ready when you leave here, and we don't want you to leave here until you feel ready.' — Mary Brummel

Career Opportunities

  • Graphic designer
  • Creative designer
  • Print designer
  • Web designer

What Can I Do With a Major in Graphic Design?


Students experience a realistic, agency-like atmosphere as they work with teammates on a promotional campaign plan for an actual client. The competing teams conduct research, analyze the data, devise a strategy, formulate tactics and ultimately make a formal presentation of their plan to the client. 



AdInk offers students the opportunity to learn more about advertising agencies and the skills employers are looking for after graduation. Students tour regional advertising agencies and attend a Kansas City advertising career symposium each year!

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