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Digital Media

Program(s) Available: B.S., Minor

The digital media industry is exploding. If you're interested in learning about web design, communication, computer programming or a related field, this could be the major for you.

Why Study Digital Media at Northwest

This major is perfect for those who want to dive into the world of digital media. Students have the option to specialize in computer science programming, content strategy and visual imaging. No matter which specialization you choose, you'll learn a variety of transferrable skills in design as well as written and visual communication. This major produces graduates who are proficient in art, photography, design, communication, computer programming and legal or ethical considerations as they relate to media.

Pick your path

Computer Science Programming

If you want to pursue computer science while developing skills in audio, video and graphic design, this is the specialization for you. 

Computer science 4-year plan

Contact Terry Immel at 660.562.1600 or for more information

Content Strategy

This track is great for students interested in content creation, social media management and design.

Content strategy 4-year plan

Contact Marla McCrary at 660.562.1361 or for more information.

Visual Imaging

This program is perfect for students interested in digital art and graphic design. 

Visual imaging 4-year plan

Contact Nikki Hackett at 660.562.1326 or for more information.

Minor program

Did you know? A digital media minor is available. This 24-credit-hour program teaches students the fundamentals of design, computer graphics, web publishing and web development. To learn more, visit the Academic Catalog. 

Career ready
Digital Media: Computer Science and Visual Imaging

I feel a huge sense of accomplishment but I also feel a huge sense of pride for Northwest because they have given me the tools I need to move on. — Elicia Reuscher

Career Opportunites

  • Help desk
  • Graphic designer
  • Multimedia manager
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Software/Application developer
  • UX analyst
  • Web designer

What Can I Do With a Major in Digital Media?


Students experience a realistic, agency-like atmosphere as they work with multiple teammates on a promotional campaign plan for an actual client.  The competing teams conduct research, analyze the data, devise a strategy, formulate tactics, and ultimately make a formal presentation of their plan to the client. 


CSIS Professional Advisory Team

The School of Computer Science and Information Systems annually hosts a professional advisory team that includes more than 40 professionals from various industries to review Northwest’s computer science curriculum. Professionals are updated about new technology and ensure the curriculum at Northwest is current with trends.

CSIS Professional Advisory Team


Northwest's esports team competes in League of Legends, Apex, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros. Melee and more. 



MINK WIC (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas Women in Computing) empowers women in the computing and technology fields by encouraging them to share experiences and strategies for success. In previous years, more than 240 students, educators and professionals from the region gathered to share their passion for computer science and technology.

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