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Schools and Departments

College of Arts and Sciences

270 Administration Building
Michael Steiner, Dean
Kelli Beck, Executive Secretary

Department of Fine and Performing Arts
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Chair: Dr. Katy Strickland
Assistant Chairs: Dr. Debra Brown
Office Staff: Nikki Hackett & Melissa Chesnut
Contact: 101 Fine Arts | 660.562.1326
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Chair: Dr. Dawn Gilley
Office Staff: Megan Runde
Contact: 94 Valk | 660.562.1290
Department of Language, Literature and Writing
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Chair: Dr. Robin Gallaher
Assistant Chair: Dr. Ashley Black
Office Staff: Jaime Collins
Contact: 2890 Colden Hall | 660.562.1265
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Chair: Dr. Christine Benson
Office Staff: Melissa Chesnut
Contact: 1610 Garrett-Strong | 660.562.1230
Department of Natural Sciences
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Chair: Dr. Mark Corson
Assistant Chair: Dr. Jeff Thornsberry
Office Staff: Lisa Crater
Contact: 2610 Garrett-Strong | 660.562.1388




Professional Schools

School of Agricultural Sciences
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Director: Rod Barr
Assistant Director: Dr. Arley Larson
Office Staff: Jessi Gard
Contact: 1200 Center for Innovation | 660.562.1155
Melvin D. & Valorie G. Booth School of Business
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Director: Dr. Steve Ludwig
Assistant Director: Dr. Ben Blackford
Office Staff: Kathleen Kobayashi
Contact: 2050 Colden Hall | 660.562.1835
School of Communication and Mass Media
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Director: Dr. Matt Walker
Assistant Director: Dr. Bayo Joachim
Office Staff: Marla McCrary
Contact: 237 Wells Hall | 660.562.1361
School of Computer Science and Information Systems
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Director: Dr. Doug Hawley
Assistant Director: Dr. Joni Adkins
Office Staff: Terry Immel
Contact: 2050 Colden Hall | 660.562.1600
School of Education
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Dean: Dr. Timothy Wall
Assistant Dean: Dr. Sue Wood
Office Staff: Emily Mattson
Contact: 230 Brown Hall | 660.562.1239
Horace Mann/Leet Center Staff: LaTessa Ruehter | 660.562.1233
Student Teaching: TBD | 660.562.1231
School of Health Science and Wellness
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Director: Dr. Terry Long
Assistant Directors: Dr. Tyler Tapps and Dr. Alisha Francis
Office Staff: Gina Smith
Contact: 201 Martindale Hall | 660.562.1297