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Paying for College - Student Resource Guide

The following are college scholarships that as Upward Bound Math/Science students, you may be eligible to qualify for:

Award Application Available Application Due Date Description / Qualifications
Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Scholarship Open Spring & Fall Deadlines Beginning with the spring (January) 2022 semester, high school juniors and seniors may be eligible to receive a scholarship that covers the tuition and fees for their dual credit or dual enrollment courses. To qualify, students must be taking dual credit or dual enrollment courses from a Missouri college or university and meet the eligibilitycriteria.
The Gates Scholarship Open Sept. 15, 2023 The Gates Scholarship is a highly selective, last-dollar scholarship for exceptional, Pell-eligible, minority, high school seniors.
CNA Scholarship Open Sept. 21, 2023

Our scholarship award amount is $500. The scholarship has the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be accepted into a state-approved Nurse Aide, CNA, or LNA certification program by October 1st.
  • Applicants must be a United States resident and at least 18 years old.
Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award Open Ends January 31, 2024 Sign up for e-mails to get helpful college tips and resources, and enter to win a scholarship! Throughout the year, 11 eligible students or parents will be randomly selected to win a $10,000 Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award to help cover college expenses. 
Nursing Scholarships Open Various This is a continuously-updated list of scholarships that may be helpful to science majors who hope to pursue nursing. The resource details the names, amounts, due dates, and descriptions of various scholarships that could be of help to prospective and current nursing students.
Coupontoaster Scholarship Program Open Various We are setting aside a substantial amount, ranging from $2000 to $5000 each semester, to assist students in financing their education. This amount can be put towards tuition, textbooks, or any other educational expenses you might have.
EduMed scholarship open Various In addition to Scholarships in the medical field, this site also has a listing of various schools and the degrees that they offer. Worth taking a look if Health Care is in your future. 
Voice of Democracy (VFW Scholarships) Open Oct. 31, 2023 To provide students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to express them-selves in regard to democratic ideas and principles. The 2021-22 theme is: "What are the greatest attributes of our Democracy?"
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Closed Oct. 31, 2022 This scholarship is closed at the moment. Check back. Their website has some other good resources.
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Opens  Nov. 2, 2023 Prudential Emerging Visionaries is a national recognition program that awards young people for their innovative solutions to financial and societal challenges in their communities. An Emerging Visionary is a changemaker – a young person with a bold vision for impact and a project to make it happen.
Elk's Most Valuable Student Scholarship Open  Nov. 13, 2023 All students are eligible.  Scholarships are awarded at the local, state, and national levels. There are 500 four-year scholarships available ranging from $1,000 per year to $12,500 per year. 
Emery Reddy Scholarship  Open Nov. 30, 2023 A total of $5,000 will be awarded 
Kure’s College Scholarship Open Nov. 30, 2023 Kure’s College Scholarship awards one $1,000 scholarship twice per year to students who improve their community by completing a business-related process optimization project in Kure.
The Hagan Scholarship Foundation Opens


December 1, 2023 This scholarship is for students in Rural communities. (Not all our H.S. are eligible) It is good for up to $48,000. There are quite a few requirements, but a lot of benefits as well! Check to see if you qualify. 
Dell Scholars program Opens Oct. 1, 2023 Dec. 1, 2023 The Dell Scholars program places greater emphasis on your determination to succeed than your academic record and test scores. We strongly believe being adequately prepared for college also empowers you to achieve your dreams.
Lee, Gober and Reyna Injury Scholarship Open Dec 1, 2023 An essay inspired by the following prompt -“How has your life been impacted by a personal injury accident (yours, someone in your family, or that of a close friend)? What have you learned from this experience, and how has this accident shaped who you want to be professionally?” $1,000
If you are interested in going to Mizzou Open Dec. 1, 2023 Fill out one application for multiple scholarship opportunities. Must be attending the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Smart Rain Open Dec. 1, 2023 Two scholarships totaling $2,000 will be awarded annually. Each semester, one recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship to help pay for their educational expenses.
Kinect Solar Open Dec. 1, 2023 Write a 500 word essay or create a video for a chance at $2500
Christina Hixson Opportunity Award Open  File your FAFSA by Jan. 3, 2023 This is for Iowa residents looking to go to ISU. It is good for up to $15,000 and might be worth checking out.
Equitable Excellence SM Scholarship Fall 2023 December 15, 2023 To support students throughout their academic journeys, Equitable will provide 100 $5,000 annual scholarships that will be renewed to award recipients each academic year for four years, for a total of $20,000 per recipient. The company will also award 100 one-time $2,500 scholarships that can help students to underwrite immediate costs associated with higher education such as tuition, books or room and board.
Logistics Scholarship contest Open December 15, 2023 Submit a brief essay of between 400 and 800 words, detailing why a career in logistics/supply chain management is your college major of choice. A personalized tone, referencing sincere firsthand experience and sentiment, is best—no need to be too formal. We want to know why you truly believe in logistics as the best career path for you!
Burger King Opens Oct. 15, 2023 December 15, 2023 You don't have to be an employee to get this one. 
Dick Hannah Dealerships Scholarship  Open December 15, 2023 Twice a year, we will be awarding one $1,000 scholarship to a deserving student attending college.
Top Ten List Scholarship Open December 31, 2023 Get creative, be serious, or tug at our heart strings. Whatever you do, you only have ten reasons to convince us, so make each one count. Need a number one reason to apply? How about the chance to win a $1,500 scholarship?  
Grouport's Scholarship Open Dec. 31, 2023 Apply now for a $500 award toward your education.
Infotracer  Open Dec. 31, 2023 InfoTracer offers a great service to consumers, but we also care about community involvement. We are offering eligible students the opportunity to win $1,000 in scholarship money.
Comedy Defensive Driving School Opens in Fall December 31, 2023 Design an advertisement to win this 1000.
Woolroom Scholarship Open

Jan. 5th, 2024

Answer the following prompt:
“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker
What does this mean to you and can you relate to it personally?
MENSA Education and Research Foundation Scholarship Opens Sept. 15, 2022

Jan. 15, 2024

All students are eligible.  A 550 word essay describing your career and academic goals is required. There are several scholarship opportunities on this site and a lot of $$$. 
WPS Scholarships Open

Jan. 15, 2024

The WPS Scholarship for Student Diversity winner will receive a $2,500 scholarship to help further their education.
Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship Open Jan. 15, 2024 For students planning a career in government. An essay and recommendation is required.
John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest Open Jan. 12, 2024 ($10,000 for 1st place) Nationwide essay contest for scholarship money.  Additional details and requirements are available on the scholarship website.
Mediacom World Class Scholarship Opens in the Fall 2023 Feb. 28, 2024 This $1000 scholarship asks for an essay, transcripts and recommendations. 
Cybersecurity Scholarships Open Various This guide is designed to help students and those interested in learning more about potential cybersecurity scholarships. The guide includes information related to the kinds of scholarships available to cybersecurity students, where to look for scholarships, and what is required to be eligible for scholarships.
Missouri Soil & Water Conservation Society Open  Various There are several Scholarship and Grant applications here. If you are thinking about something in this field, definitely check this out. Some are for H.S. students and others for undergraduates. Pay attention to that.
Quality Comix Scholarship Program Open March 10, 2024

write a 300-word essay about the following:1.Has any comic book character influenced your views on current events?  If so, how? 2.What is the impact of comic book art on society?

TRUE EXPERTS EYE SCHOLARSHIP Opens in Fall March 31, 2024

Applicants will write a 500 word essay answering this question:

“What’s your vision for the future?”

Superpower Scholarship
Open March 31, 2024 Submit an online written response to the question:
"Which superhero or villain would you want to change places with for a day and why?" (250 words or less)
The Earnest $250,000 Scholarship Fund Opens in Fall March 31, 2024  Since 2019, we have awarded $625,000 to 135 deserving students through the Earnest Scholarship Fund. We believe we have a responsibility to give back, and so we use a portion of our profits to fund $5,000 scholarships for 50 students across the country.
CNA Scholarship Open April 1, 2024 $500. will make out a check in the amount of $500 to the accredited certification program the scholarship winner chooses to attend.
CodeWizardsHQ  Open May 1, 2024 For $2,500 In Up to 600 words answer this prompt, “Beyond needing financial support, why do you deserve this scholarship?”
Interested in attending Northwest Missouri State: Freshman Scholarships Open  Feb. 1, 2024 Northwest offers a wide variety of scholarships for first-time students.  Please look through all these pages to see what you're eligible for (for instance, scholarships for your intended major, or for scholarships from your hometown).
Richard Rawle Memorial Scholarship Opens in January  June 1, 2024 Essay Prompt: “How have you given back to your community and what did you learn in the process?”
The Max Gorin Scholarship Opens in Fall June 30, 2024 Write a 400-word essay answering the below question:
“Healthcare in America is a frequently debated topic. Do you believe an individual’s ability to obtain higher education can impact their long-term quality of health? Why or why not?”
Super Money's Financial Literacy Scholarship Open July 1, 2024 Super Money's mission is to help everyone reach their financial goals. Super Money's Financial Literacy Scholarship seeks to celebrate students who share our same mission. Our scholarship program awards $500 to students who want to help Americans improve their financial wellness through innovative financial tools and resources.
Lee, Gober and Reyna Injury Scholarship Opens in Fall

Dec. 1, 2023

July 1, 2024

An essay inspired by the following prompt -“How has your life been impacted by a personal injury accident (yours, someone in your family, or that of a close friend)? What have you learned from this experience, and how has this accident shaped who you want to be professionally?” $1,000