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When to Apply

The application deadline is October 31.

Applicants should send a signed copy of the first 2 pages only of the Federal 2017 tax form now. If acepted into the UBMS program we will also need to get a signed copy of the first 2 pages only of the Federal 2018 tax form when available. This way we will have "current" information on file.

How to Apply

Fill in the student application online, print it off, sign it, have a parent/guardian sign it and send it to the UBMS Center:

Student Application

Math/Science Teacher Recommendation

School Counselor Recommendation

A complete application consists of
  • 2 pages of your information
  • 1 page of essays
  • 3 pages of teacher and counselor recommendations
  • Your latest transcript (with attendance and 8th grade state assessment results)
  • The income verification for the household

* The teacher recommendations, transcript, and income information may be submitted either with your application or separately.

This application must be completed in its entirety for us to fully consider you for participation in the Upward Bound Math and Science program. We need all of the requested data in order to assess your academic eligibility and consider all applications in a fair and consistent manner. All of the information required to complete the application is easily obtained.

Regardless of how you apply, remember that preference is given to

  • complete applications
  • received on or before the stated October 31 deadline.


Selected students and parents will be invited to campus for orientation on Saturday, January 19, 2019. Students will receive additional information.