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Calendar and Timeline

UBMS Academic Year

Saturday Academies

Feb. 17th, 2024

  • TRiO Day
  • Regular Session / Visitors Welcome
  • On Northwest Campus

Below is a timeline beginning with the "current" school year. The timeline lists the major UBMS-related events so that students and parents know what to expect in the application and selection process. The timeline is followed by specific dates for the next few years assuming that funding for the UBMS program continues.

1st Year

Aug. - Sept.

  • The school year begins, UBMS Central Staff will contact Counselors, Principals, and Math and Science teachers in targeted high schools to plan for the academic year
  • Applicants are currently in grades 9-11
  • Recruitment begins
  • School visits

Oct. - Nov.

  • Recruitment continues
  • Saturday Academy, visitors welcome
  • School visits

Dec. - Jan.

  • School visits
  • New Participant Orientation
  • Application deadline December 16
  • Saturday Academy
  • Bridge applications are due

Feb. - March

  • TRIO Day
  • School visits
  • Summer Opt-Out deadline


  • Saturday Academy
  • Summer forms and roommate requests are due


  • Summer orientation

June - July


  • UBMS holds 6-week summer session

Returning Participants

Aug. - Sept.

  • New school year begins 
  • Participants now in grade 10-12
  • Mentor meetings are scheduled and participants assigned a mentor
  • Saturday Academies begin, visitors welcome
  • Participants start on mentor meetings and projects


  • 1st Mentor Report form due to UBMS by Oct. 30
  • 1st installment of academic year stipend earned
  • Saturday Academy
  • New participant application due December 16

Nov. - Jan.

  • Interviews and school visits
  • Saturday Academy
  • February 27th is Bridge application deadline 


  • 2nd Mentor Report due to UBMS by Jan. 30
  • 2nd installment of stipend earned
  • Applications, mentor reports, and progress on projects reviewed
  • School visits

Feb. - March

  • Invitations for another summer of UBMS or for Bridge issued
  • Summer Opt-Out form - February 28 deadline


  • Bridge students choose classes for summer enrollment
  • Saturday Academy
  • 3rd Mentor Report due to UBMS by April 30
  • Final Project Report due to UBMS by April 30


  • 3rd installment of stipend earned
  • Mentor's stipend earned

June - July

  • UBMS/Bridge summer session

Scheduled UBMS Activities

For Summer 2024

Wed., May 11 or
Thurs., May 12
Summer Orientation (Required for everyone attending the summer program)
You may choose which night to attend, one will be on the Kansas City campus and the other here in Maryville
Sun., June 5th  UBMS moves in
Mon., June 6th UBMS Summer Officially starts
Mon., June 6th College classes begin for Bridge students
Fri., July 1 Bridge classes complete; Bridge will move out on Friday, July 1
Fri., July 15 Final day of UBMS Classes & Awards Ceremony
Mon., July 19-Fri., July 22 UBMS Merit STEM Cultural trip (specific dates and activities will be released at summer orientation)