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Digital Manager


  • Junior or senior standing
  • Computer Science, Digital Media or Management Information Systems major
  • Or Knacktive faculty member approval

Characteristics of a great Digital Manager

  • Early adapter of new technology
  • Knowledge of new and social media and how it is applied to meet marketing challenges
  • Knowledge of web practices, emerging technologies and data analytics
  • Communicates technical hurdles and opportunities with teammates
  • Respect for, and good chemistry with, team members
  • Ability to take a strategy and dramatize it creatively
  • Willing to take risks - think out of the box
  • Understand the consumer and their target audience
  • Passion for your work
  • Ability to "sell" ideas and negotiates

Necessary Skills

  • Technical skills:
    • Basic HTML/CSS Knowledge
    • Basic JavaScript/jQuery Knowledge
    • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects is a plus)
  • Curiosity and the ability to see both sides of an issue
  • Detail oriented and organized
  • Good communication skills - especially the ability to explain "tech speak" to non-technical teammates
  • Willingness to research new techniques, processes and concepts

Team Duties

  • Develops strategic digital tactics with input from team members
  • Understand how to leverage technology in order to meet with client's marketing needs and challenges
  • Enhances the digital tactics selected based on an understanding of technology tools
  • Works with creative team to develop mock-ups for suggested digital tactics